Thursday, October 26, 2006


跳芭蕾舞多年, 有一個步法經常都做, 名為Fondu/Fondue [fawn-DEW], 我只懂做, 但不明白這個法語解釋. American Ballet Theatre有這樣的解說:

Sinking down. A term used to describe a lowering of the body made by bending the knee of the supporting leg. Saint-Leon wrote, "Fondu is on one leg what a plie is on two." In some instances the term fondu is also used to describe the ending of a step when the working leg is placed on the ground with a soft and gradual movement.

Fondu/Fondue是一個movement, 不能用圖片解說, 可看這個quicktime畫面.

學芭蕾舞的, 都明白老師未必都曉那些法語解釋, 只知道是一些步法的名稱. 昨晚我們的導師不在港, 找來了一外籍女導師來, 女導師解釋, fondue意思是"melt". 我立時叮了一聲, 哦, 原來如此, 這個melt不就是我們常常吃的Chocolate Fondue的fondue麼! 想了想, 這個曲膝動作看上去確有溶下去的感覺.

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Anonymous said...

i came to know this ever since the first ballet class i had! so that's why i thought learning ballet in the states (or perhaps elsewhere i dunno could only make this comparison in this case) is a lot better 'cause of the embedded culture. i've had a a few ballet teacher in here and they are all very energetic when they teach. i'm not saying mike is bad but i'm just more used to like teacher keeps yelling "keep going, keep going", "turn turn turn", "and up 678", "melt, and up", "slow down...a big, juicy plie", "good girl, keep your chin up", you know, phrases that motivate you to do better and better. giving lessons again never depends on how well you know the stuff but how well you're able to transmit the ideas you have in mind into the classroom/dancefloor =)

Anonymous said...

wow, u are lucky, i might have heard the meaning of "fondue" when i was in high school but then forgot. yes, i know what you mean by those teachers and their ways of expressions. M is just not this type of instructor. i am taking E's (jap woman) class too, and she speaks more and uses those phrases too, but not too much. how many dance class a week are u taking in L.A. now? happy dance and happy senior year!

Anonymous said...

often i found that dance teachers in hk are more of a "subtle" type. i dunno. only met a couple of crazy teacher in CCDC they're great. verbal encouragements make you feel great all the time =)

i haven't started any other dance classes but only doing tai chi at school. pretty boring tho. i wish i could visit the dance studio near my home at least once a week but my schedule is just too packed and i have to cram my midterms in these two weeks. luckily, i would start it next week... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

now let me recall all the ballet teachers i've encountered in my life... hmm, yes, most of them are quite subtle and quiet, but some are quite fierce. i remember there was one who forced us to dance until we left sweat on the floor... this is harsh to me, cos' i seldom sweat! :(
oh u dance at CDCC too? modern? wow. and u took jazz too right? and tai chi... so not u... :P

Anonymous said...

yeah actually i've been on and off doing ballet and jazz. i took musical theatre and some jazz classes at ccdc in the summer. i've also done chinese and korean dance at ucla (check my videos out on =]), and some improvisation, flamenco, hip-hop and house back then. so doing tai chi is not that surprising (to me)! ^__^

i used to think that i could not do ballet since i started off with commercial jazz dance and hip-hop. but then as i tried out more genre, i realized that if you really like dancing and you want to make improvements; the best thing to do is to learn various kinds of dance genre. it was a great experience to have korean dance (because i had a very young and energetic korean teacher)... so i would highly recommend you to ditch one ballet class a week and try out more of other dances!

Anonymous said...

cheryl: thanks for sharing, let me check out your youtube. i tried jazz before, but just not as easy as ballet to me since i learned that for years. i learned chinese dance before ballet too and i was just a kid then. musical theatre sounds interesting, does CCDC offer short courses other than summer?