Saturday, October 21, 2006


今期HK Magazine的headline是"50 Reasons to love Hong Kong". 未看文章前, 我自己寫下我愛香港的原因, 想了一會, 寫了以下九個原因:

1. 同聲同氣
2. 集合多國美食, 便宜又有, 富貴又有
3. 購物天堂, 基本上除了某些外國特別的品牌外, 許多東西都可以買到
4. 交通方便
5. 多采多姿不會悶
6. 我的家
7. 家人都在這裡
8. 認識最久又要好的朋友都在這裡
9. 醫療費用比其他國家便宜

且看HK Magazine那五十個原因:

1. The Smell
2. Security Guards
3. Freedom (said a metal-container maker)
4. Marches (demonstration, sit-in)
5. Red, White and Blue Bags
6. Fishballs
7. Congee
8. Rooftop TV Antennae
9. Octopus Cards
10. Problem Solving (said Uncle Ray Cordeiro, RTHK Radio DJ, when referring to problems such as SARS, bird flu; and that he is proud of HK people for we've managed to solve all of them)
11.Hong Kong International Airport
12. Victoria Harbour (said Choy So-yuk 蔡素玉)
13. Mainland Tourists
14. Elderly Shirtless Men
15. Crowds
16. Eurasians (said Liam Fitzpatrick, senior writer of Time Magazine)
17. Concrete football courts
18. Balconies and Rooftops
19. Vitasoy
20. Occasional Natural Deluges (tame typhoons, rainstorms, floodings, landslides, etc.)
21. Chinglish (said a promoter of a music company)
22. Occasional Manmade Deluges
23. Tiny Living Spaces
24. Shouting Middle-aged Women
25. People Power (said Longhair Leung Kwok-hung)
26. Victoria Park on Sundays
27. 7-Eleven (600 outlets in HK, comparing to 150 McDonald's)
28. Haggling (said Barney Cheng, fashion designer: discount, discount and discount please!)
29. Victoria Park Flower Market
30. Late-night Shopping (comparing to western countries where shops closed after office hours)
31. Full Mobile Phone Reception
32. Fruit & Veg Stalls
33. The buzz (said Chris Patten)
34. Restaurant Fishtanks
36. Scale (said former editor of Time Asia, "it is really small enough that you are always running into people you know")
37. Water Transport
38. Hong Kong Movies
39. Time Making Ourselves Look Sexy vs. Time Having Sex
40. Cheap McDonald's
41. Cheaper Street Food
42. The Lo Wu dash
43. Toothpick Mulching
44. Lazy Susans
45. Air-Conditioned Walkways
46. Efficiency
47. Pre-Christmas Sales
48. $65 Sex-in-a-box (with picture of lubricant on sale at a shop somewhere in HK... guess it's Mongkok...)
49. Ladies Nights
50. 17 Public Holidays a Year

咁多好野, 點捨得走?! :)


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八達通又真係好掂, 無咩國家/城市可以咁多地方都可以用到smart card.