Wednesday, November 26, 2014




法國電影節又來了,今年也有機會看五齣,另兩齣full house(因為不是頭幾天訂票)。KINO德國電影節今年無暇看了。聞說Saint Laurent(full house的那齣/會上正場)也不是什麼好片子。




Retail therapy實在很美妙, 它和wine therapy/food therapy及movie therapy是不同的。三者我也喜歡 ^_^

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Four Word Film Review


Magic in the Moonlight -- unlike Colin lack humor

The World of Kanako -- bloody violent need blindfold

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random A to Z

Admiralty - how many times have u visited the students and protesters at the site? 

Burgundy - all about wine

Christmas - longing for Christmas, hope it's another cozy happy festive time of the year

Death - meet joe black. Not fun. Especially when it's related to your close family members 

Eat - one of the most important thing in life.

Fish - I am not good in eating fish. And not fond of fish, except sashimi. Fucking clever Japanese. And yes I hate them.

Galvanize - don't ask me why I think of this word.

Hell - nah, heaven, yes we Christians will only go to heaven, right???

Irish coffee - mum once collapsed at a restaurant in Wanchai after drinking Irish coffee, how funny. 

Jellybean - someone's nickname


Light - they say there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

M - my last name


Octagon - what it's all about

Paddington Bear - when will I visit UK again???




Tanya - Tanya Chan, Tanya Tai...

Umbrella Movement - fucking stupid Beijing why u so afraid of students??? So lame so stupid...


Why - why is 2014 such a fucking difficult year?

XYZ $82?)9$3-6363)$&/910@/@&/&2@2

- written on a half drunk nite ;)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Begin Again 一切從音樂再開始


如果沒有看"Once",感覺會否不一樣?就是和"Once"的感覺相距甚遠。原來已經是六年前看的電影了,再看一次自己寫的,看來那時不算十分喜歡此片,只是感覺深刻。不過這回"Begin Again"就沒有那種感動了。至少那次OST是非買不可,這次是不會買。Keira Knightley的歌聲不太悅耳吧。

或許當年就是兩個非專業演員加上陌生的愛爾蘭,和好些非常動人的音樂,給人的那份純樸感覺是"Begin Again"完全沒有的。Keira Knightley加Mark Ruffalo都是大家熟悉的面孔了,他們都有點角色定型,雖然這次二人都有點離開以往的角色,尤其是Keira,但就失去了那種味道。


Saturday, November 08, 2014

I'm back

Really got to update here again ^_^

It's been a hectic year, well since the end of March, so it's been some crazy 7+ months. Mum is sick, and yes my world turned upside down, and I hope I can make it... and of course we all hope she will get better (well everyone worries about me, sometimes as much as we worry about mum). I'll try to be strong and tough. 

I asked a long-time friend: what would you do if your parents have a year to live? He said: maybe I'll quit my job. Huh... how come I still have the urge to change job? God, I must have been crazy... (my friend is in the States while his parents are in hk though) Can you believe I went to two interviews on the same week when my mum was in the hospital? (She had treatment at the hospital and had to stay there for a few days or so) I wish I could quit my job... Guess I won't be that lucky to win mark 6 so soon though...

And there are other things happening this year too, but none is as overwhelming as the health of my mum of course.

I'll still watch films and go to film festivals if time allows, and also write something here after viewing.

Life is tough but it goes on. I'll try my best.