Sunday, October 31, 2010


You Are Skilled

You love to tinker and make things, and you've picked up a lot of skills in the process.

You're the type most likely to be able to whip up amazing Halloween treats from scratch.

You are a bit of a mad scientist. You always have a ton of projects going on.

Whenever possible, you like to do things yourself (like making your own Halloween costume!). It's how you make sure that things are done right!

You Are Cool and Collected

You are down to earth and facts oriented. It's difficult to get you too worked up.

Emotions hold little sway for you. You prefer to use logic and reason.

There isn't much you're afraid of. If you're afraid of something, it's likely you don't understand it.

You try not to make too much of a fuss. You believe that drama just makes everyone else worse off.

You Are a Monster Mask

You are dramatic, outgoing, and bold. What ever the occasion calls for, you bring it... and bring it in style.

You are confident in your decisions, and you hardly ever second guess yourself. You just go for it.

You have many friends, and you find it easy to fit in. You can keep a conversation going when everyone else is at a loss for words.

You are very comfortable with yourself. You present yourself in a real and honest way... even if you're wearing a mask.

You Should Be a Cat for Halloween

You are the reserved and introverted type. You enjoy keeping to yourself.

When you get dressed up for Halloween, you're often debating whether you want to even dress up at all. Sometimes your heart isn't really in it!

If you do dress up for Halloween, you are very chic, sleek, and stylish. You have a flair for fashion.

There's no way you would make a fool out of yourself or use a costume out of the box. You have too much pride for that!

Wine and Dine Festival

晚飯後才去, 只去了不足一小時, 試了三兩杯(沒有驚喜), 有時間再去過.

見到不少女子喝到滿面通紅. 離開時有人在門外不遠處嘔吐大作... 咁博做乜?!


由於星期六晚只去了一小時, 這晚有時間再去多一次(最後一天了). 兩天都沒有買pass(想入grand tasting也沒有票了!) AE card送四張wine tokens, 兩天一共有八張了. :)

這晚又吃又喝, 晚飯也差不多不用再吃了.
這個counter很熱鬧, 香氣撲鼻, 因為有angus beef(串燒咋)和鵝肝薑包! 食肉獸要出擊了. 碟上的parma ham在另一counter購買的. $80一大碟.
又來多一碟. 這碟$40.
沒機會入Grand Tasting Pavilion, 平酒也喝了一點. 買了一支匈牙利Tokaji和一支西班牙紅酒.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Me or Hate Me

‎"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor… If you love me, I'll always be in your heart… If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind." ~ William Shakespeare (via Michelle Phan on facebook)

今日只想講句: DLS

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Random Meme

1. What is your best friend's Dad's name?

我當然知道, 係三個字點寫都知.

2. What body part do you hate the most?

好多噃, 最唔鍾意兩條腿啦, 下身啦...

3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had?

男的? 無乜喎. 呀, 讀U時, 有科summer時take, Psychology of Emotions, 個教授型到呢... 第一堂拖埋架單車入課室, 啲女同學差不多大叫出嚟! 仲係史丹福畢業的呢... 一頭金髮, 宜家仲記得佢個樣.

4. Have you ever made out in a basement?

無... 噃. 有都唔喺度講啦...

5. What body part do you wash first in the shower?


6. Do you have any piercings?


7. Do you have any tattoos?


8. Is your driveway steep?


9. What's your favorite flavored Pringle

sour cream & onion

10. Have you ever been tied up?

用繩那種?! 綁架?! :P 沒有.

11. What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for?


12. Have you ever had two dates in one night?

無咁癲... 我好專一吓架... 都...

13. How many times have you been cursed at?

嘩, 無乜卦... 邊個咁賤?

14. Which shoe do you put on first?

咦, 無留意噃... pointe shoes呢就左腳先架通常...

15. How old are you?


16. Have you ever been to a gay bar?

好似無. 不過喺加拿大睇過男人table dance... :P

17. Have you ever had any Friends with Benefits?

??? oh... (Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved) NO!

18. Is there one thing all of the times you have been in love have had in common?


19. Did you French kiss before you were 16?

20. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?


21. Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep?


22. Have you ever had a song written about you?


23. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets or your towel ever again, which would you choose?

咁得人驚? 咁床單啦... 起碼我沖完涼先瞓嘅

24. Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that was questionable?


25. What was your childhood nickname?

講過喇. 其中一個: 阿婆豬; 音: 吖Por豬

26. When is the last time you played the air guitar?


27. Have you ever peeked in the opposite sex's locker room?


28. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving?


29. Have you ever bitten your toenails?


30. How do you normally eat your Oreo cookies?

一啖啖咬囉. 唔會搣開

31. Name something you do when your same sex friends aren't around?


32. How many drinks does it take before you get drunk?

睇吓咩酒, drunk成點先? Unconscious嗰隻? 好耐都唔敢喇, 起碼五六杯先會咁喇. 宜家身體麻麻, 年紀又唔細, 飲半支紅酒就會有少少反應, 適可而止.

33. Why are you doing this survey?


34. What was the best year of your life?

我諗, 係相對而言啦. 永遠都覺得以前點好點好. 而家我會答係大學年代. 可能遲多十年八年我會話係宜家都唔錯添...

35. Any strange phobias?


36. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?


37. When's the last time you threw up?

幾個月前, 食物中毒囉又

38. Have you ever called your love interest by another girl/guys name?


39. Have you ever gotten caught sleeping while on a date?

40. Have you ever played naked Twister?

41. Have you ever been drunk at work/school?

無啦緊係, 我幾飲得架

42. How many Ellie's do you know?

??? no.


oh by the way, 如果喺街見到隻德國電影影碟Four Minutes(四分鐘), 有一段引文, 係來自我架, 多謝! :)

oops... ("由於 DVD / VCD 版面位置較少. 妳的引言祗會在 我們的 EMAIL 或 FAX 的版紙上出現. 請見諒 ! ")

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La Crêperie

第二次光顧了, 上一次和友人們來吃午餐, 有lunch set, 約一百元左右便有鹹甜crepe各一, 很抵吃.

這天遲了一點來, 沒有set了, 不過都忍不住吃了一鹹一甜, 本想喝cider, 但剛喝了中藥, 都是要hot choc算了.

Hot Choc竟然不熱, 叫店員給我熱一點的.
La Nantaise: asparagus, mushrooms, bacon, onion, etc, 很好吃!
簡單的Butter & Sugar crepe, 喜歡:



這天要等人, 跑了去書店逛一圈, 揀了兩本林燕妮. 書架上只有她四本書, 我拿了兩本. 在看時, 另一女子正在找, 又問店員. "啊, 見到喇! 呢度... "

"我拎咗兩本... " 想她或許也想買我手上的兩本, 便對她說.

"咦... 呢本我都想買... "

"呢本係咪新架呢? 我係咪有呢? 好熟口面... "

"呢本係舊架喇... 我記得個名, 細個時睇過架... "

"唔係噃, 零九年七月初版, 新架... "

買了她的書多年, 好像是第一次遇上她的擁躉, 然後有一面之緣. 她本人, 我也遇上好幾次了, 親筆簽名也拿過了, 是某年的中秋節, 金鐘的Furla店. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


逐漸覺得沒必要天天更新這裡了(終於!). 都是隨心好了.

年紀不少了, 壓力多一點, 睡少一點, 即時感到"周身唔妥", 要早睡一點, 睡多一點, 休養生息.

周日晚上看了無無聊的Grown Ups, 笑了近兩小時. 有時總要看看這些沒頭沒腦的攪笑片, 減減壓, 輕鬆一下.

天氣終於轉涼了, 太好了.

好友們的電話/短訊/電郵的問候, 真的很溫暖, 人間有情. 感謝各人. 原來我還有好些real close friends. ;)

年輕時壓力大, 太忙時是會瘦的, 現在, 是會肥的! 頂.

幸而還有Kevin同Scotty, "Brothers & Sisters"實在給我不少樂趣.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Rose Test

You Believe that Love is Admiration

When you think of love, you think of being with the person you cherish the most.

In love, you see things how they could be. You are wrapped up in your own dreams.

If you are in love, you want the whole world to know it. You don't hold back with letting people know.

You are somewhat patient in love. You can wait for the right person, but once you have found the right one, you're very impatient.

Allow Me... Sunday Stealing again


What were your final words for September?
I don't like you

What are your first words for October?
please give me happier days

Do you think you've ever seen a ghost?
literally, no

Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year?

What do you like when you have a cold?

Sunday, October 24, 2010



Saturday, October 23, 2010


如果這一刻叫我重看一齣電影, 我會想起... (不要說重看了, 原來要即時想起一齣電影也不是一件易事!)

(歐洲電影, 名字更難記起! 都是荷李活大片容易... )

Bright Star / Best of Youth
Evening / Erotica
Fakers (Matthew Rhys!!! 買了未看!)
Great Expectations / Gran Torino (未看!)
Horse Whisperer?
I Served the King of England (終於有齣非荷李活片!)
Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)
K (想不到... 看自己的文章也只是"Kinsey", 都好, 有Scotty! Luke Macfarlane也)
Life is Beautiful
Naked Lunch
The Queen
Rain Man
Sweet Hereafter (Atom Egoyan)
Talented Mr. Ripley
Unstoppable (未上!)
Velvet Goldmine / Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Whatever Works (也是找自己的文章才想起)
X (i don't like X-Files... )
Y (沒有)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rose Latte

午餐時要了個all-day breakfast, 還有這杯Rose Latte. 味道不錯, 只是不太想吃那幾片花瓣. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


用了多支的Bvlgari Blv Notte及Alessandro Dell Acqua, 雖然仍有其他香水未用完(其實永遠有一堆用不完!), 如Costume National及Abercrombie, 貪新鮮又跑去試試新的. 那天便揀了這隻什麼限量版: Issey Miyake L'EAU D'ISSEY Wood Flower Edition Eau de Toilette. Wood Flower味其實不太明顯. 試時比較明顯的... :(剛才看時裝雜誌, 介紹了Fresh為電影Eat Pray Love出的香水系列, 喜歡此片的或可考慮.

Sunday Stealing on a Wednesday Night


The last song you listened to?
"Take Me Out" by Atomic Tom on youtube via facebook

Where did you live in 1987?
Hong Kong

Where were you when 9/11 happened?
喺屋企上緊網icq, 又同屋企人睇緊電視

What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
踢機! 通常都會買多一包/罐同一樣嘅東東, 因為有機會會跌番兩件落嚟(亦試過係得嘅... 雖然未必100%得)

If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?

What was the last thing you paid for with cash?

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
唔記得... 可能係空郵禮物俾朋友時

Your first love: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(好些drafts未曾發出, 連drafts在內, 這篇原來已是開blog以來第3000篇了!)


某日午餐, salad from Oliver's (The Delicatessen):
周日午餐 (近來周日的午餐都罕有地提早至一時多... 無幾可):
某日傍晚八時前, 小巴"紛爭"(我乘的士被迫下車, 原來小巴司機在吵架):
某日午餐, 什麼白汁螺絲粉:
和我喜歡的decaf coffee(至愛小小咖啡店, 連decaf也好味過人):

Monday, October 18, 2010


太多電影太少時間. 尤其是沒完沒了一個又一個的電影節. HKAFF, 偶然會看一兩齣, 因為常常覺得, 亞洲電影不在電影節看, 也始終有機會找到影碟或上正場, 不像其他歐洲電影, 找影碟也不容易.

不過, 這些的確想看... 如果有時間的話:

小畢,別怕! (越南)
"由編轉導的潘黨迪,去年憑劇本首作《Adrift》威揚水都,今年攜首導《小畢,別怕!》獲康城垂青,贏得越南本土社會各階層的掌聲" ~ 我很喜歡"Adrift"的!

戀之初夏 (越南)


第36個故事 Taipei Exchanges (台灣)

童年往事 ~ 侯孝賢!!!

用心跳 ~ 關錦鵬 (胡軍 , 劉嘉玲, 梁家輝)

鋼的琴 ~ 導演: 張猛

青春不悔 (印度)

還有: , 冬春的日子, 目送1949 - 龍應台的探索

另外, 德國電影節暫時只敢買一場(Men in the City), 其他的遲些再說, Pope Joan想看, 已滿座! :( 如果有人買了又臨時去不到, 請賣給我! 先謝!

European Films Week已放棄了, 近來太勞累, 沒時間. :(

西班牙電影節一向都是小規模兼免費兼沒多宣傳... 有時間去看看有什麼好電影...


灣仔的Yogurt Mix(謝斐道近柯布連道天橋), 味道不錯, 略嫌大杯了一點, 如果有細杯選擇更好. 有人覺得oreo如果再碎一點會更可口.天后的Sillyboo(近清風街), 頗喜歡, 有石榴茘枝提子及原味等, 那天去提子味正在製造中, 唯有揀原味. Toppings有驚喜, 竟然有糯米滋! 要了糯米滋及almonds. 價錢視乎你要多少(重量), 可多可少.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love and Other Disasters

悶到看舊片? 不是喇. 都是因為近日迷上了Matthew Rhys, 一心找他的舊片看. 電影是2006年的, 中文譯名有"相思成災"及"緣份吹吹風", 去年逝世的Brittany Murphy也是主角的"Love and Other Disasters"(英國/法國).

導演Alek Keshishian作品不多, 哈佛畢業的他, 曾執導1991年紀錄片"Madonna: Truth or Dare". 不過此片真的適合無無聊聊在家看. 尤其除非你是Matthew Rhys或Brittany Murphy忠實粉絲, 否則不看沒損失. 難怪Rotten Tomatoes只有20%.

一看此片, 終於明白何解straight guy Matthew Rhys被選中飾演"Brothers & Sisters"中的gay brother/lawyer Kevin Walker了.
故事簡單, 都有些笑位和點點驚喜的. Brittany Murphy飾演在英國Vogue做intern的美國人Jacks, 和大學死黨Peter(Matthew Rhys)同居. 一天Peter在酒店碰到自以為是一生中最愛, 就是一見鍾情那種. 結果原來一直以為是真命天子的David Williams並非那人.

故事主要帶出, 愛情很多時都不是緣份或天註定那麼簡單或被動. 其實很多時都是我們的選擇.

我們選擇去嘗試, 去開始一段關係. 雖然開始時看來不像真命天子, 又或和夢中情人有一段距離, 不過每每都是這些嘗試, 令我們找到那個可以一起走人生路的另一半.

又, 事實的真相, 很多時都是我們自己自欺欺人, 又或糊里糊塗地看不清, 以為是事實的全部, 其實又不然.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


光顧多次, 沒多留意, 原來這個紅白牆紙不是一般牆紙.

Friday, October 15, 2010


(終於嘔了一篇... )

香港四重奏 Quattro Hong Kong ~ 認得出楊淇, 對她印象不錯, 尤其是她的鼻子.

陆零柒 607 ~ 真的是牛皮二的劉伽茵作品, 去看時已想起那齣包了兩個小時的餃子戲... god, 不要玩我好了...

台北星期天 Pinoy Sunday ~ 忘了細看介紹, 又或看了即忘, 明明寫著Pinoy, 便知道是菲律賓人的故事. 不是不喜歡看菲律賓人物的故事, 只是, 揀此片時, 是想看台灣的東西嘛. 電影也不錯的, 就是說兩個菲律賓外勞一天的故事, 當然就是身在台北的周日了. 蠻有趣.

雞蛋/牛奶/蜂蜜 Egg/Milk/Honey ~ 土耳其電影三部曲, 不過由於場次安排, 我不是順次序看的. 印象最深應該是蜂蜜及牛奶. 比較喜歡小男孩擔綱的"蜂蜜". 看"雞蛋"時應該是靈魂離開影院最久的一次... 看完也忘了看過什麼了.

母親 Kabei ~ 和我的母親一起看的日本電影. 沒想到竟然是英文字幕, 害我要邊看邊做解話, 不過也好, 母親要留神聽我解說, 不能釣魚!

恐怖份子 The Terrorizers ~ 都是為了看楊德昌早期的作品. 1986年, 我知, 你們可能才牙牙學語, 我在念中學. 初中吧. 那時當然不知道這電影了. 繆騫人有點脫俗的美.

Joueuse/Queen to Play/海倫的棋緣

Sandrine Bonnaire的電影也看過好幾齣了. 一齣真的差不多只是說捉棋的電影, 頗特別. 當然還有其他了. Hélène在酒店做執房清潔的工作, 也有到獨居男子Kröger打掃. 一天, 她看到一對客人(女的竟是Jennifer Beals!)在酒店房的露台下棋, 迷倒Hélène, 令她從此和棋藝結下緣份.


Copabanana 波希米阿媽 (imdb)

也是為捧Isabelle Huppert場. 電影中飾演她女兒的Lolita Chammah現實裡也是她的女兒. 母女拍檔, 當然演得更自然.

女兒要出嫁, 婚禮沒打算邀請母親, 因為怕她失禮. 有點粵語片的味道? 哈, 故事發生在法國當然又有點味道了. 加上很大篇幅都在比利時取景, 因為為人母的為了向女兒表示自己可以腳踏實地, 於是隻身跑去做地產經紀.


Comrade Couture 地下時裝東柏林

噢, 看了很久, 我差不多忘了... next...

The September Issue 九月號

香港什麼時候會上正場? 上了沒有? 喜歡fashion, the Devil wears Prada的, 應該都會想看看. 近年很多齣時裝紀錄片我都有捧場, 這齣也不錯.

Dancing Dreams ~ Teenagers Perform "Kontakthof" by Pina Bausch 翩娜包殊之青春交際場

Pina Bausch有沒有出場? 都有的, 當然只是一場半場了. 都是一班年輕又沒有舞蹈底子的青年, 籌備Pina Bausch的作品. 沒看過類似的紀錄片, 還可以.

另外, 其實剛過去的週末也看了Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. 都是看一眾演技派的戲. 電影雖長, 倒沒有冷場.
Shia LaBeouf真的有點醜樣(應該說是很醜樣), 就連導演Oliver Stone都說, 他怎麼可能會是下一個Brad Pitt, 因為他不俊俏. 我倒頗喜歡Carey Mulligan, 皆因An Education留下不錯印象.