Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random A to Z

Admiralty - how many times have u visited the students and protesters at the site? 

Burgundy - all about wine

Christmas - longing for Christmas, hope it's another cozy happy festive time of the year

Death - meet joe black. Not fun. Especially when it's related to your close family members 

Eat - one of the most important thing in life.

Fish - I am not good in eating fish. And not fond of fish, except sashimi. Fucking clever Japanese. And yes I hate them.

Galvanize - don't ask me why I think of this word.

Hell - nah, heaven, yes we Christians will only go to heaven, right???

Irish coffee - mum once collapsed at a restaurant in Wanchai after drinking Irish coffee, how funny. 

Jellybean - someone's nickname


Light - they say there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

M - my last name


Octagon - what it's all about

Paddington Bear - when will I visit UK again???




Tanya - Tanya Chan, Tanya Tai...

Umbrella Movement - fucking stupid Beijing why u so afraid of students??? So lame so stupid...


Why - why is 2014 such a fucking difficult year?

XYZ $82?)9$3-6363)$&/910@/@&/&2@2

- written on a half drunk nite ;)

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