Friday, November 23, 2007

Which stage of childhood are you in?

星期五最好就是玩樂. 相信大家都會有興趣玩這個測驗.

我的結果是Adolescent, 即十三歲之後的青年期.
Adolescent應該就是Freud指的The Genital Stage了: a genital personality is mature and no longer dominated by early drives for pleasure. The Oedipus complex is most often observed during the genital stage.


Age 0 to 1 = The Oral Stage (Oral Personality)
"Adult expressions of oral needs include gum chewing, nail biting, smoking, kissing, overeating, and alcoholism. Fixation early in the oral stage produces an oral-dependent personality --qullible, passive, and need lots of attention (want to be mothered). Frustrations later in the oral stage may cause aggression, often in the form of biting. Fixation here creates an oral-aggressive adult who like to argue, is cynical, and exploits others."(Notebook)

Age 1 1/2 to 3 = The Anal Stage (Anal Personality)
"Freud described the anal-retentive (holding-on) personality as obstinate, stingy, orderly, and compulsively clean. The anal-expulsive (letting-go) personality is disorderly, destructive, cruel, or messy."(Notebook)Age 3 to 5 = The Phallic Stage
"Adult traits of the phallic personality are vanity, exhibitionism, sensitive pride, and narcissism (self-love)."還有Oedipus Conflict及Electra Conflict.(Notebook)

Age 5 to 11 = The Latent Period
"a relatively quiet time compared to the stormy first 6 years."(Notebook)

根據佛洛依德的學說, 人的性格在五歲左右便形成, 而我們都需要經過不同的stages, 如果不順利渡過, 便有fixation(滯留)出現.

我常常以為自己是fixated at Oral Stage, 但原來應該是Genital Stage才對.


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我係歲半到三歲......而家慢慢地研緊個report ^^

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哈, 即係你地兩個一係潔癖, 一係好亂... 咦, 我應該係anal stage先啱噃! :)

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小球: ahaha! 我記得你張枱... :) 咁個test咪唔準囉.

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都係架,我覺得麻麻地準啦,不過我會嘗試令個test變得準確 ;)