Saturday, November 10, 2007


早前網友Aulina都介紹過這個Online Handwriting Analysis, 一大堆字, 又50條之多, 沒打算玩. 然後兩位網友CosmicraysMugen C都玩了, Aulina與Cosmicrays都說準確度超高. 唔, 我覺得又不至於準確到嚇一跳. 或許我做時有點累, 又或不夠客觀. 分析有些都準確的. 圖表則比較準確.

頗花時間, 寫完一篇英文再答五十條問題, 沒耐性的算吧...

Online Handwriting Analysis Using Sheila Lowe Handwriting Analyzer

Personal report for Mad Dog

Motivating Forces

MD is emotionally independent and feels the need to march to her own drummer. Yet, while she does not seem bound by conventional expectations, neither is she a total iconoclast. She is willing to commit to a course of action if she knows she will be able to stretch a little within those boundaries. Blending a steady routine with some freedom to plan her own activities keeps her more or less content. An easygoing, casual sort of person, when conflict is brewing, she immediately seeks ways to affect a compromise. Financial and material security is very high on her agenda. She needs to know that she can take care of her family's needs, no matter what happens. Consequently, she can be expected to work long and hard to that end.

Ego Strength

A need to be true to herself prompts MD to do the right thing, even when others are not looking. She gives what she feels she ought, besides simply serving her own needs. She compensates for private feelings of inferiority by projecting an image of someone very, very powerful, someone larger than life. Inside, however, she may feel very small. MD has average self-confidence when it comes to taking on new responsibilities. She
believes in her ability to handle major undertakings successfully if they are within the realm of her experience. With strong self-esteem, she doesn't allow others to set standards for her. She sets and lives up to her own expectations. Since her willpower is about average, there are times when she might waver if temptation comes along and tries to sway her from her original intentions. Keeping her objectives fairly short-term might be helpful.

Personal graph for Mad Dog


Anonymous said...

和我的分析有一半一樣,hm... interesting.

mad dog said...

cosmicrays: 所以係咪其實人人都差不多呢??? :) 抑或物以類聚?

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mad dog said...

cosmicrays: 我都玩到頭暈, 太detail啦...

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