Tuesday, November 06, 2007


MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder.

你聽過有人會集十七個不同的性格於一身嗎? 是真有其人!

這些alter egos(第二個我)可能會是男人, 女人, 甚至小孩. 每一個都有他個別的性格及特質, 精神狀態等等. 有十七個不同的人活在一個人裡面, 你說多麼難以令人想像.

美國APA(American Psychiatric Association)稱這個為"dissociative identity disorder"(解離性身份疾患).

不過心理學家都認為, MPD的患者多數都是童年時曾被性虐待或性侵犯. 由於無法逃離, 他們便會產生不同的性格, 來面對他們人生中不同的困難... "then wall the personalities off from one another with mental barriers, so that no single persona has to handle too much." 看來, 這些都是self defence mechanism的一種吧?

細看原文, 令人心傷, 原來患者童年時受過非人的對待, 父親及祖父都虐待她...

"Each persona handles a different aspect of the sufferer's life... an alter named Claire would emerge when Karen was dragged from bed at night, so that Karen had little memory of the abuse the next day. When the torture began, Miles would take over. As a boy, he couldn't be violated in the same way and therefore couldn't fully absorb it mentally. Elise was created so that Karen could go to school the next day and act normal, having donned long pants and sleeves to cover the bruises. Sidney was the ball-playing child who related to Karen's father as if nothing was amiss, allowing Karen to survive in a household where, as a young girl, she was dependent on her dad..."

資料來源: "Inside Karen’s Crowded Mind"(Newsweek)

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