Tuesday, December 05, 2006


人家網上找來了這個心理測驗遊戲, 我的結果是Oscar Wilde的"The Picture of Dorian Gray"中的Dorian Gray, 對此書及人物毫無認識.

You're Dorian Gray, from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Your vanity gets the best of you, and you've got absolutely no morals. You even made the girl who was in love with you go mad and kill herself. The only edge you have is that you never get punished for every sick thing that you do, and you can't die until your picture is destroyed. Bastard.

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Bastard添, 真沮喪!

Wiki形容這個人物: an extremely handsome young man who becomes enthralled with Lord Henry's idea of a new hedonism. He begins to indulge in every kind of pleasure, whether moral or immoral.



paulsin said...

Dorian Gray 早幾年才在 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG, 2003) 中粉墨登場呢!不錯,正是集靚仔與無恥於一身 ("An Immortal", or,但青春常駐?,抵唔抵玩?

Anonymous said...

The answers for those questions are quite extreme....anyway, mine is: Jean Valjean from Les idea...

Anonymous said...

paul: 你個blog幾時會再update? 無聽過呢齣戲喎, 有Sean Connery添...

carrie: 我找到這個:
Jean Valjean
The chief protagonist, Jean Valjean, is an ex-convict who struggles to redeem himself morally and to find acceptance in a society that rejects him as a former criminal. Valjean's redemption through his many trials is the central plot of Les Miserables.

The child of a poor peasant family, he loses both his parents as a young child and moves in with an older sister. When her husband dies, Valjean supports her and her seven children by working as a tree pruner. Unable to feed the family on his earnings, he steals a loaf of bread from a baker and ends up...