Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Useful Ballet Terms

在網上瀏覽一輪, 發現了一個有用網站. 對學了芭蕾舞一段日子的朋友很有幫助.Grade One 至 Grade Six 的主要theories.
  • Grade 1: Plie, Demi, Tendu, Degage, Devant, Derriere, Grand, A la seconde, Petit, Jete, Saute, Echappe, Curtsey/Bow
  • Grade 2: Fondu, En croix, Retire, Bras, Bas, Changment, Temps leve, Coupe, Chasse, En avant, Pose, Enchainments, Glissade, Positions of the feet
  • Grade 3: Battement, A terre, En de hors, Assemble, En arriere, Ordinaire, Pas de chat, Pirouette, Rond de jambe, Attitude, Arabesque, Soubresaut, Directions of the body
  • Grade 4: En dedans, Frappe, Developpe, En l'air, Passe, Sur le coupdepied, Releve, Releve Passe Derriere, Port de bras, Chasse Passe, Pas de basque, Pas de bouree, Balance
  • Grade 5: Soutenu, Adage, Glisse, Petits battements sur le coudepied, Sissone Ouverte, Echappe battu fermee
  • Grade 6: A deux bras, En cloche, Demi grands ronds de jame en l'air, Sissone ordinaire, Fouette, Demi contretemps, Sissonne Ferme, Ballonne, Petite batterie, Changements battu, Echappe battu ouvert
Preparatory Ballet Grade, Primary Ballet Grade 及 Grade One 至 Grade Six的theories.
  • Preparatory Ballet Grade包括Knee bends, Rises, Point and close, Arms, 3 points and close, Springing in 1st position, Skips, Walking
  • Primary Ballet Grade會學到Knee bends in 1st and 2nd positions, Point and Close, Point, lift, point and close, Two points and close with knee bend, Step close step, and point in front, Arm exercise, Springs in 1st position, Step close step to side and hop with a bent working leg, Spring pints facing the front and turning, Gallops forward and sideways, Skipping forward
Pointe work的要求:
  • Be able to hold their turnout while dancing
  • Have a strong, straight back, especially the lower back
  • Keep the heels forward toward the big toe - no sickling!
  • Use plie when dancing
  • Stretch feet whilst dancing
  • Releve with a straight supporting leg
  • Be able to execute 16 releves in the centre without stopping!
  • Be able to hold a releve passe with a balance on half pointe
高級的Intermediate至Advanced I的theories: 這個太多了, 請看連結.我跳到什麼level? Intermediate和Advanced左右啦. :)


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