Monday, December 17, 2007


Katie Holmes的Bob頭, 把她從一個平凡的二字頭遙身一變成為一個魅力優雅又像很有內涵的靚佬湯甜心.


有人喜歡她的新髮型, 亦有人討厭, 也有人說極像他倆的女兒Suri.

長髮仍在荷李活大行其道, 不過女星/歌手如Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham及Rihanna的Bob頭都給人刮目相看的感覺.

髮型師Ken Paves說bob頭每數年便又流行一次. 他說其實都是Victoria的bob頭最具影響力: "hers definitely drew the most attention at that time."

她們之外, 還有如Christina Ricci, Christina Applegate, Hilary Swank, Nicole Richie等等都玩過bob頭.

有形象顧問認為起碼要有二十個具影響力的名人一起才帶來一次大的潮流改革. 如果Kate Moss及Cameron Diaz都玩bob頭, 那麼便真的會人人都玩了.

我覺得玩bob頭, 臉型一定要夠瘦削, 最好眼大. 髮質當然要好, 因為要夠直和順滑, 都幾蝦人剪架!

原文: Holmes' short hair makes bold statement

Top 5 Most Requested Hair Styles of 2007 and Trend Predictions for 2008


Anonymous said...

KM點改都好, 怎也不及Nichole Kidman的了.

Anonymous said...

uncle ray: 兩個完全唔同類. Tom Cruise都唔多襯Nicole.

laichungleung said...

Forget about the bears, the most spectacular special effect in The Golden Compass is Nicole Kidman's forehead, it's totally devoid of lines or wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

laichungleung: oh The Golden Compass, is it a must-see?

laichungleung said...

I don't think so, unless you are some kid or you like Nicole Kidman, or Daniel Craig or Eva Green. The original story has a much stronger anti-church overtone which might not sit well with you. Alas, the movie is accused on toning down that aspect of the book but still not fare well with the religious right and worse it is not doing well in the box office. At best, it got mixed reviews.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have not seen the movie except reading some reviews

mad dog said...

laichungleung: i see. thought it will hit box office...