Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things That Suck When Going to a Dance Class

1. forget any dancewear (leotard or tights/shoes/hair band/clips)

2. bad hair day ~ actually it's ok, except when some gray hair sticking out!

3. menstruation (it does sometimes)

4. suddenly find myself having gained a few pounds in front of the mirror

5. torn tights/shoes/leotard

6. forget wallet ~ no money to pay after class ~ dim suen!

7. running late ~ everyone stares at you when you sneak into the dance floor

8. head in a dream mode ~ terrible short term memory due to stressful day at work/daily life ~ can't remember a thing that the instructor dem-ed

9. no air con and it's extremely humid that day ~ can't breathe at all!

10. body doesn't listen to my brain

inspired by The Frisky: 15 Things That Suck More Than Going To The Gynecologist

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