Friday, May 28, 2010


繼去年的Art Fair, 今年又有機會去ARTHK10, 參展的galleries感覺上比去年多很多, 逛到閉館也不知時日. 而且入場人數眾多, 或許今年贈票不少(加上Benefitting AIDS Concern), 看上去人數比去年多三倍(都是開幕禮翌日).

入場前見到不准攝影的標誌(不過場內都有很多人高舉相機), 所以這次拍了不多(可看所有相片).
"Family is like a small church to me. Sometimes I long for moments when we gathered around in the dining table for a celebration. Until I realize that everything will be gone eventually, one by one. Ashes to ashes." ~ J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra


laichungleung said...

鄧麗君, looks good.

茱利亞 said...

will go tomorrow.
Christies pre-sale exhibition is nearby the ArtHK area

mad dog said...

LCL: yeah.

茱利亞: i saw that, but what are the auction items? u mean the art pieces?