Thursday, May 27, 2010


從新在看"Brothers & Sisters"(買了影碟很久, 一直停留在頭兩集, 直至無記都播了兩個season了, 仍未繼續看下去), 剛看完Season 1的第六集"For the Children". 尾段母親Nora和Sarah的一段對話:

: You had Kitty to fight with, Kevin to admire, Justin to baby, Tommy to lean on. What were you thinking about me all that time?

Nora: What was I thinking? I was thinking … I was .. I am in awe of you, Sarah. You became the woman I always wanted to be. And you did it all without losing your softness or your goodness. I love all my children, but I have so much respect for you, Sarah.

Nora: You’re not a daughter, Sarah. You’re the damn trifecta.

每一個孩子, 在母親心目中都有不同的位置. 在女兒眼中, 其他兄弟姊妹或許都各有角色. 妹妹總愛和母親鬥嘴, 一弟弟令母親欣賞, 一個令母親粗心, 一個令母親可以付託. 長女, 總有其獨一無二的地位. 其實其母一直都以她為榮, 長女, 根本不用母親擔心嘛.

如果問母親, 不知道我們三姊妹在她眼中/心目中又是怎樣的呢? 應該說, 她會怎樣說? :)

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Coffee: Sarah呢套好過Six Feet Under呀Brenda個角色添呀, 夠討好.

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btw, 你睇哂season 2嘛?

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Because I've had a really fucked-up life and I need sarcasm to hide how ridiculously miserable I am!

係呀,宜家睇緊season 4:)