Thursday, May 20, 2010


1. 早睡早起 ~ 講緊比平日慣咗嘅時間早兩個鐘左右

2. 繼續減肥, 究竟我有無毅力架??? 望吓呢啲激勵吓自己先得!

3. 年紀唔細, 真係食一樣嘅嘢做一樣嘅運動都會肥(WebMD), 真係唔努力都唔得. 要有充足睡眠, 多運動, 食少啲.

Have a happy long weekend!

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Cooking Meow said...

1. 你真係好遲訓!

2. 唉~ 我都減緊.. 所有junk food, 加工過0既野都要戒.. 仲要少肉多菜... 嗚~~~ : (

mad dog said...

Cooking Meow: 努力!

NewLife said...

Drinking Coffee can help you losing weight but make sure No sugar and No Half and Half. You can add milk or honey instead

A little junk food is okay, keeping
a good mood and sleep early also help. You should eat more in the
morning and eat less at night.
Starting a day with a good breakfast is very important !
Never give up and you will be the
winner at the end!

mad dog said...

Daniel: thanks! no sugar on coffee... that's really not my cup of tea :) i dun drink coffee as often as before, maybe just once a week, decaf. i know breakfast is important, but i am not a morning person, and practically dun have time for that, wake up really late... :P i'll try my best, really need to get rid of 10 lbs!