Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rolex slogans

其實一向都佩服廣告copywriter的功力, 好句不是人人寫得出.


A Passion for Perfection

Beautiful in Its Simplicity.
Inspiring in Its Reliability.

Some Steel is More Ambitious Than Others.

A Watch Made To Be Worn a Lifetime Better Be Comfortable.

The Beauty of Rolex's Ceramic Bezel is More Than Skin Deep.

Inspiration Strikes Daily.

The Guardian of Time.

Comfort is a Matter of Millimetres.

Reinvented from the Inside Out.

No Entry.

Every Watch is Canvas.

Continue a Journey Deeper Into Perfection.
Or Let an Expert Guide You.


laichungleung said...

I can think of a few too:-

Rolex, only for the gullible.

Every Rolex matches your bourgeois affectation nicely.

Rolex, at least it's expensive.

....oh, I am no good, can't be a copywriter.

Anonymous said...

Craving for a Rolex watch....

mad dog said...

LCL: oops...

echo: i crave for a LOT of things! :) ha!

Mugen C said...

I must be really sick, I crave for a pork chop only! :-P

Time to have lunch!


Anonymous said...

mugen c: pork chop, not bad boh! i was craving for a ribeye steak during the film fest several hrs ago too! :)

Anonymous said...

HI~CAN YOU SHOW ME THE CHINESE MEANINGS?"Beautiful in Its Simplicity.Inspiring in Its Reliability."THANKS!

mad dog said...

anon: there is no chinese version. 簡單中的美, 可靠中的啟發?