Thursday, January 07, 2010

What words describe love for you?

這個時有以上這一條, 六選一:

1. Irrationality, obsession, excitement

2. Intensity, euphoria, lust

3. Bonding, warmth, caring

4. Happiness, understanding, support

5. Honesty, closeness, trust

6. Idealism, sharing, romance

其實都很難選啊. 又, 不同階段, 歷程, 都會選不同的答案. 不過第一時間要我揀, 我會揀#1. 當然一段長久又經得起考驗的關係, 應該是#3及#4, 最好還有#5.

噢, 遊戲的答案嘛...

Your Love is Based on Infatuation

Your love often borders on obsession. You fall in love from afar.

You can't help but have strong feelings for someone you're attracted to.

And even if that attraction isn't immediately reciprocated - you hold out hope.

For you, feeling love-struck is almost as good as feeling in love.

Why your love can last: You tend to love completely and unconditionally.

Why your love can fail: Your love is often blind... and sometimes stupid.

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Kempton said...

Call me old school. I think all men should unite and refuse to answer psychology quiz about love as it is dangerous to relationships and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to "win" this. We will be in trouble so quick that we will be dead meat quickly. :)