Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Napa Valley

遊走了個多星期, 去了美國兩個城市和附近一帶的地方. 第一個重點旅遊點就是美國加州釀酒區Napa Valley. 多謝友人來回駕了數小時車! :)

未抵達我們要去的vineyards時, 在車上已嗅到釀酒的味道了!

試酒時喝了一杯Pinot Noir, 志在到此一遊, 也去了Beringer Vineyards買了幾支酒, 包括2000 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve及Beringer 2006 Nightingale dessert wine. 親身來到買酒, 感覺當然爽!
我那杯Pinot Noir

午餐去了The Culinary Institute of America, 就在Beringer隔鄰. 友人認識一位朋友, 辭了工作, 來到這廚藝學院讀了一年書, 費用約七萬美元一年, 相信必定是畢生難忘的體驗.
Beringer Vineyards
一些在Napa Valley拍的照片可細看.


Kempton said...

Thanks for sharing. D相好靚。

I love traveling by friends - i.e. have friends traveling and then me checking out their photos and hearing their adventures.

myblahblahblah said...

welcome back! i'm seriously in need of a vacatoin. literally 做到想嘔. :(

mad dog said...

kempton: thanks!

myblahblahblah: then take a break! :) even a short trip will do.

Anonymous said...

oh i love that place,you should bring me along with you


mad dog said...

boss: sure, next time!!! ;)

ah-yun said...

OMG. I saw your flickr photos, I was at Robert Mondavi Winery the day before you went! Hehe.

mad dog said...

Yun: really?!?!?! haha!