Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 奇幻逆緣

一直想看"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"是因為Brad PittCate Blanchett, 還有一直聞說不少好評, 又說有許多提名. 然後有網友說電影被overrated. 沒有多考慮, 只是想去看.

166分鐘的電影, 可以幾近沒有悶場, 其實不易. 喜歡它的劇本, 故事及演員/選角. 不過, 看畢電影, 覺得可以拍得更好. 就是欠了一點點.

有人說哭了大半場. 我很容易看電影流淚, 上次看"Marley & Me"也差點流淚, 不過"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"是一丁點淚也沒有. 就是不夠蕩氣迥腸, 不足以感動到流淚.導演David Fincher前作有"Panic Room"(2002)及"Fight Club"(1999), 或許解釋到為什麼他的手法不是我杯茶. 不過我又欣賞"Se7en"(1995).

編劇Eric Roth反而有不少令人深刻的作品: "Munich"(2005), "The Horse Whisperer"(1998), "Forrest Gump"(1994).

化妝當然值得讚賞, 尤其當Brad Pitt變得越來越年輕時, 那幾幕簡直有拍廣告的氣勢. 大家有留意, 回歸原本的嬰孩眼角下那個小小疤痕嗎? 就是Brad Pitt一直有的疤痕.

之前美國discussion forum上有人談論Cate Blanchett跳芭蕾舞, 問是否真的是她, 又如果是她, 她跳得好嗎. 未看前有人已經說是有替身. 看了, 我敢肯定是用替身的, 那個頭和身體有點不配合. 而且她的上身也很不自然. 腳倒做得不錯, 是表演級數, 不過不會是她了. 聞說她只是小時候曾習芭蕾舞. 那個晚上在Benjamin面前跳的一幕就應該是她, 不過毫無難度.全片最哄堂大笑的一幕應該是這個吧:
Daisy: "sleep with me"
Benjamin: "absolutely"

也喜歡電影把美國數十年的歷史一一陳述, 有點紀錄片的味道, 又或, 就像"Forrest Gump"那樣. 故事是動人的, 兩個人, 一生的緣份, 只有十年八載可以堂堂正正深愛著對方, 有點轟烈, 有點唏噓.

雖不至於the best movie of the year(對我來說), 不過也值得一看.
IMDB連結; 奧斯卡十三項提名.

Rotten Tomatoes有71%好評, 夠中肯.

1. 忘了一說飾演Benjamin女友Elizabeth的Tilda Swinton. 其實曾覺得她和Cate Blanchett有點相似, 竟然在同一齣電影出現.
2. 電影有點不合理的地方, 就是那父親怎麼能夠知道那個老伯是自己遺棄的兒子?


Anonymous said...

Hello Mad Dog,

I felt exactly the same, "我很容易看電影流淚, ... 不過"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"是一丁點淚也沒有" I cried watching English Patient, Bridges of Madison County, even The Wrestler, and Slumdog Millionaire! But zippo, nothing, no tears for Curious Case! Hmmm, curious?

Thanks for sharing your insight and observation re Cate Blanchett 跳芭蕾舞, I wondered (which means the CG didn't suck too badly) but then I was no expert in ballet and had no idea what to look for. Thanks.

By the way, ignoring the actual screen time for a moment, I like Tilda Swinton's performance in the film more than Cate's. And I think Tilda and Cate are quite different and not really "有點相似" (except in a very superficial way). I can't imagine them switching the roles they had done. Cate in Michael Clayton? Tilda in Elizabeth? I don't know. And I think Tilda can be much colder (ice cold) than Cate.

Tilda is an acquired taste. I first saw her in the little known but beautifully made Canadian film "Possible Worlds". Saw it in Toronto IFF with the casts and director doing Q & A after the premiere.

And Tilda was excellent in the steamy Young Adam. not to be missed.
In fact, I think all three leads were at the top of their games. Don't understand why imdb rates it as a 6.5/10.

mad dog said...

加燦: thanks a lot for ur input. nice long comment. :) really appreciate. yup, no tears at all. just not touched enough for me to cry. but i do love the story. well, i've been noticing tilda swinton long enough too... back in 1992... "orlando". i love the film so much and bought the OST and VHS tape as well. i remember my dad saw it and wondered what the hell would i love such weird movie! :) also "vanilla sky", "adaptation", "narnia" (marvelous acting!), "michael clayton" (so different, so outstanding!), "burn after reading". dunno... there are so many actresses that i could mix up for some time... naomi watts, claire danes... etc etc. ;) tilda is not the pretty type, but u'll just keep an eye on her... unlike other actresses.

Agnes Tse said...

我想因為Ben Button在那區是名人吧,而Button先生大概打探到自己的孩子有衰老病...都是靠估.

Anonymous said...


mad dog said...

kari: 觸動唔到我囉.

Anonymous said...