Thursday, February 26, 2009


連續多天都是幾乎看不到對面海的天色, 今天終於有藍天了!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. What is the really tall building in the first two pix? It looks really ugly.

We were snowing hard yesterday (were supposed to have 10-15cm), will get another 4-6cm today.

mad dog said...

加燦: that's the ICC International Commerce Centre (Ritz Carlton will be there soon), i wonder there are tenants already, cos i noticed people getting in and out of the building and half of the building was lit after sun set. i miss snow.

Anonymous said...

How come in the last photo, looks like u r facing the coming car? (u r in the wrong lane or sth)

mad dog said...

echo: ha, i took the photo from the taxi rear window :)

Unknown said...

these are very nice pics!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gwen & Ian: thanks, 隔著玻璃影. :)

aulina: hahah!!

c.r said... pix. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info re ICC. I checked out more pix in Wikipedia, yikes, it look just as ugly up close.

It is -21C and -32C with wind chill at the moment, do you still miss snow? :) Mind you, I hate, yes HATE, HK's humidity so I won't trade, and I will gladly take -32C with wind chill. :)

P.S. Incidentally, from Wikipedia "A five-star hotel operated by Ritz-Carlton will occupy the top 15 floors of the tower ... becoming the highest hotel in the world when completed ..."

Now, I wonder what will happen to hotel guests when the fire alarm is triggered? The view may be great but the hotel is kidding me if they think I will sleep walk to my safety alive in case of a fire.

mad dog said...

CR: :)

加燦: i know, lived in places w/ -40C in winter + windchill as well, and yes, i hate the humidity here. fire alarm at hotel... well, i did experience twice in hotel... once in New Jersey (Marriot... false alarm at 10pm)... once in Washington (false alarm at 3am)!