Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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"Ah-choose YOU for my Valentine!" 好嗎??? :)

知易行難. :)

又是那個節日了, 應應節貼些東西嘛. 看Glamour提到8 New Ways to Say "I Love You"都是不錯的提議:

1. Get him into a coed shower
2. Toast stamper (heart shaped toast!)
3. Love mugs
4. Tell your best friend you love her/him 好朋友也會高興
5. Be my anti-Valentine! (sending e-cards instead)
6. Eat your heart out 整嘢食
7. Tell him he's the only one you heart (wear personalized "I heart" tee)
8. Love letters 寫過情信未呀??? :) 練吓啦!
toast stamper
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也看了這個The Most Romantic Movie Proposals of All Time. 男士們可以借橋了!

1. Walk The Line ~ "I have asked you 40 different ways, and it's time you came up with a fresh answer… You're my best friend. Marry me." said Johnny Cash

2. Serendipity ~ millions of rose petals on the floor… the candlelight room… the fireplace… the big box with a note that read "Open Me!!"

3. Stepmom ~ Luke (Ed Harris) wakes up Isabel (Julia Roberts) one morning with a kiss and a ring box. Instead of a ring, though, there's a spool of thread in it. He ties the thread around her finger and says he let the thread break once and he'll never do it again, before sliding the ring down the thread and onto her finger.

4. Sweet Home Alabama ~ Andrew took Melanie to Tiffany's ~ and got down on one knee right in the store... gestured to every diamond around and said, "Pick one."

5. Love Actually ~ "Beautiful Aurelia," Jamie said in broken Portuguese. "I've come here with a view to asking you to marriage me… Of course I don’t expecting you to be as foolish as me, and of course I prediction you say no, but it's Christmas, and I just wanted to… check."

6. In Her Shoes ~ slipping the ring on a piece of shrimp and rotating the plate so she can see it.

7. Gone With The Wind ~ "I shall never marry again," the widow tells him. "Oh yes you will," he retorts, "and you'll marry me."

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding ~ propose in bed... no grand gestures, no bed of roses


Anonymous said...

the proposal one is a great read - i post my own version at my blog :)

Anonymous said...

janice: yes, i read yours, very interesting. :)

Xavier said...

Love Actually, 仲有一幕系有位男仔拿了一堆卡紙,在門外向好友的gf Keira Knightley示愛,幾有創意。

mad dog said...

xavier: 呢個我喺blog都講過幾次, 當然記得! 呢張嘛! :) 我呢篇!