Friday, February 27, 2009


因為是日開始有Citibank priority booking, 於是昨晚很"chur", 飛快揀了心水再砌好時間表.

剛才在網上訂票, 沒有阻滯, 會展場次會連結去HK Ticketing, 其他所有場次最後要經Cityline, 不用password.

今年比去年揀少了(約十齣?), 連 Michelangelo Antonioni 及 Ingmar Bergman系列數齣在內都是35齣. 以下是我的清單:

Gala Premieres

I've Loved You So Long 別問愛是誰

Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries

Mental 完全精神手冊

Gala Presentation

Crime is Our Business 靚太查案記
The Joy of Singing 艷婦凸務齊歡唱
The Sea Wall 海堤
The Baader Meinhof Complex 赤色風暴
Genova 逃情熱那亞
Valentine, the Last Emperor 末代皇帝華倫天奴

Master Class

35 Shots of Rum 巴黎日和
Nucingen House 鬼房客
The Beaches of Agnes 沙灘上的華妲
Four Nights with Anna 與安娜的四個晚上
Rembrandt's J'accuse 林布蘭的控訴


Adoration 虛擬虛憶
A Christmas Tale 聖誕物語
A Year Ago in Winter 亡靈肖像

Indie Power

Ghosted 曖昧
Helen 最熟悉的陌生人
Wendy & Lucy 小露與我

Global Vision

Disgrace 屈辱
Revanche 把哀傷留給復仇
You Will Be Mine 我吃定你
Tears for Sale 魔幻女兒國
Birdsong (+Waiting for Sancho) 三王來朝 / 等待山曹

Italian Landscape

Gomorrah 我在娥摩拉的日子
Il Divo 黑金教父
Mid-August Lunch 四個阿媽一個佬
Quiet Chaos 在安靜漩渦沉淪到底

Finnish New Talents

Black Ice 誰和誰和誰有路

Midnight Heat

Acolytes 掘殺遊戲

Animation Unlimited

Dome - Omnibus Animation 動夢 - 日本實驗動畫精選

Defining Modernity Michelangelo Antonioni

The Girlfriends 女朋友

Ingmar Bergman Forever (Part III)

Cries and Whispers 哭泣與耳語
Scenes from a Marriage 婚姻暗流
Bergman Island / Commercials 褒曼的小島 / 褒曼的廣告


Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of interesting sound film titles. Have fun.

Will you write a few words on the interesting films you see at HKIFF? I love to read about them even if many of them will likely not come to Calgary, we are decidedly NOT international in CIFF. Toronto's selections is world class and diversified while ours is just not comparable. But we do see some local talent.

I wrote about my friend Cam (a great award winning animator) here (including a blog link of his experience meeting Redford in Sundance),

mad dog said...

加燦: i usually write a bit after seeing those films, but as i see a lot, sometimes just no time to write each of them. Atom Egoyan's from Canada, am going to see his "Adoration" this yr.

Coffee said...



mad dog said...

coffee: "差唔多全部一樣咁制" 咁犀利!?!??!?! WOWOWOW! :) 我上次都見到你啦, 下次我會埋嚟say hi架啦 :) 我都放棄咗好幾套, 撞時間趕唔到. 我上年睇45套架好似. 今年global vision同gala presentations少咗正嘢, reality bites同filmmakers正成無乜嘢想睇.

Coffee said...



mad dog said...

coffee: 大家都係咁狼狽啦. 你好高架嘛, 我應該認到你 :)

Anonymous said...

I watched 'Slumdog Millionare' today. It's wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Egoyan's films are almost always creative and some of his films are even watchable/good. :) I find I enjoy Cronenberg a lot more in recent years (Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, etc).

No worries la. Just write if you feel like writing on whichever film you want to write about.

mad dog said...

echo: guess not easy to get tkt for Slumdog this weekend, might see other films first. :)

加燦: i like cronenberg;s films too.

Anonymous said...

Recommend "Les Chansons d'amour" that had screened in last Summer IFF as well. It's a musical film. Love the soundtrack!!

The Alliance Francaise in Hong Kong, the Consulate of Belgium and the Consulate of Switzerland jointly present a cinema cycle on the theme of Love. Either romantic or tragic, humoristic or dramatic, the selection of 8 films invites you to experience and share emotions…in French!

mad dog said...

anonymous: THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know!!!! wow! :) though i saw some of them before already. i'm really glad. thanks again!

c.r said...

woah, so busy wor!!! :D enjoy rushing from 1 movie to another!

mad dog said...

CR: 會攞假, 睇得舒服啲 :)

Anonymous said...

you are very welcome! = ). Guess you may interest in it as well, and i think there may not be much people aware of this.

My picks: Ceux Qui Restent, Changement d'adresse, L'esquive


mad dog said...

crystal: thanks again! i saw Changement d'adresse a couple of years ago, wrote on it as well(here) i'm interested in LES CHANSONS D'AMOUR / 戀歌 LOVE SONGS (but time clashes)... and MA VIE EN L'AIR / 愛情交白卷 / LOVE IS IN THE AIR (Marion Cotillard呀!!!!)