Monday, February 09, 2009


看明周訪問杜德偉, 看了一小段, 提到其母親張露生前一直都希望兒子們有家庭有孩子. 最終其遺願都未能達成. 而之前杜德偉曾對其母說:

"我都想有一家人呀, 但因為工作環境及性格關係... 媽咪, 不如你只看眼前擁有的東西, 不要看沒有的... "


其實父母如果都能想通這點, 也是一種幸福.


imak said...

"如你只看眼前擁有的東西, 不要看沒有的..." <--- 好一個反智快樂口訣! 不過, 某程度上係啱既, 在never exist 既野有expectation, 咪永遠都唔會開心!

Anonymous said...

imak: 都係架, 係樂觀嘅一種.

Anonymous said...

very true. I hope it works and doesn't backfire on me. Will see. (smile)

P.S. In some sense, it is in parents' genes and trainings over the years that it is their duties to reshape our views, actions, and behaviors. They cares about what they want us to "become". And not as what we really "are". Make sense?

mad dog said...

加燥: i guess so.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my 老父 is definitely not a 省油的燈.(smile) He immediately replied with a 林珊珊專訪林嘉欣 (recently aired on HK NOW TV-100) and completely missed my point of "不如你只看眼前擁有的東西, 不要看沒有的". May be I should have sent just that and removed the context. (smile)

As long as parents have a clear mind and alive, many parents will try to shape and change us even they may have claimed they expect no such influence. And they may keep trying even when we are 60 or 70s.

Call me stubborn, I will just keep trying non-stop! I am good at annoying them. he he. After all, I am their son and I am as stubborn (if not more) than them.