Monday, February 23, 2009


出席教會弟兄家人的喪禮, 也幫忙一起唱詩. 少了返教會, 近年見面的機會好像都是紅白二事... 都是自己懶... :(

一踏進排練的地方, 一唱起詩歌, 很想哭.

多得曾經非常投入教會及團契, 有這一群認識近十年的弟兄姊妹. 雖然少見面, 身於他們當中, 不其然有那份安穩舒服的感覺. 其實這樣想很自私. 有種感覺, 他們就是我的後盾.


Carrie said...


mad dog said...

carrie: :)

mad dog said...

anon/whatsoever/who's been using different nickname for years: yes i deleted your comment. and i recorded your IP address (recorded that long long time ago!). please DO NOT leave comment here ever again, cos' i have no idea what your purpose of stalking me/leaving me different kinds of comments.

Miss K said...

Yes, I feel the same way as you do.

mad dog said...

Miss K: aren't we lucky? :) thanks God! and thanks sis!