Wednesday, February 25, 2009


看Newsweek網上版"Oddball Barbie: A Popular Doll's Stranger Side"photo gallery, 介紹非常特別的芭比公仔.

包括這個Hitchcock希治閣電影"Birds"的"The Birds Barbie Doll":
和Geisha look Maiko Barbie:
十四三歲時擁有第一個及唯一一個Barbie公仔, 另有幾件傢俬如衣櫃等, 之後都沒有第二隻了. 記得她一把金髮又長又亂, 後來沒有耐性把它剪到及膊. :)

上Barbie的網頁, 會發現不少特別版Barbie, 尤其barbiecollector.com那邊. 雖然不是fan, 不過我並不討厭Barbie. 知道好些女人甚至女孩子都不喜歡她. 其實細看眾多的Barbie, 也值得欣賞.


和電影有關的 ~

Barbie® as Maria in The Sound of Music™

Barbie® as Dorothy™ in The Wizard of Oz™

MGM Golden Hollywood Barbie®

Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride™ (非常酷似當年的她!)

Barbie® as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady™ in Her Closing Scene

我喜歡又或較有趣的 ~

Marie Antoinette Barbie®

Ralph Lauren Barbie®

Paul Frank Barbie®

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Barbie® Doll

Brunette Bubble Cut™ Barbie® Doll

當然還有芭蕾舞Barbie ~

Classic ballet series

Classic Grace™ Barbie® (prima ballerina collection)

Lighter Than Air™ Barbie®

Barbie® as Juliet

Alvin Ailey® American Dance Theater Barbie® Doll (can't believe they have this!!!)

其他舞蹈 ~

Cabaret Dancer Barbie® Doll

Jazz Baby™ Dolls




Tessa said...


Anonymous said...

tessa: 呢單新聞上個月都知. not her fan. 亦無買呢個表演嘅飛.

laichungleung said...

I think you can like Barbie and still be cool. I don't see a problem there. Maybe except if you are a guy ... OKAY, it's allowed too. But one time I think Barbie or actually Mattel made a boo boo; they had Barbie saying something like "Math is hard" or "Science is hard" or something. I think math is hard too but then they can't be perpetuating that girl is not for math kind of unfounded mythology to the young girls who adore Barbie. Because you can be smart and beautiful just like you can be and dumb and ugly.

mad dog said...

LCL: oh i didn't know that...

laichungleung said...

OKAY, that was actually a misquote now that I looked it up in wiki. The exact words are "Math class is tough!" I was misquoting the misquote. My bad.

Did you stay up late to watch, my bad, not late, as you are 13 hours ahead, to watch Obama's address? Wall Street isn't exactly cheering.

mad dog said...

LCL: 1am to me is actually quite early... LOL... not yet shower... ha. am staying up for my pet (Pet Society) and msn... not Obama... :) (worked on that at work already la... not taking work home)

laichungleung said...

I certainly understand the sentiment, not bringing work home, only the paycheck. Ha-ha.

mad dog said...

LCL: of course! :) hahah... nah... just watched CNN a bit... enough of that... :)