Wednesday, December 30, 2009

09 電影

每年年底都會數算一下全年最喜歡的電影, 都說說吧. 這兩年都少寫了電影的文章, 不太喜歡的電影更沒有寫下看後感. 就憑寫過的文章去看, 以下都是今年非常值得一看的電影(比較大路, 大家都會找到影碟的):

Black Ice 誰和誰和誰有路

A Christmas Tale 聖誕物語

Scenes from a Marriage 婚姻暗流 ~ 舊片, Bergman的電影, 影碟到處都找到 (去美國旅遊時和教授提到此片, 他說: 千萬不要看! 尤其是打算結婚的. haha!)

The Beaches of Agnes 沙灘上的華妲 Les plages d'Agnès (France)

Crime is Our Business 靚太查案記 Le Crime est notre affaire (France)

東邪西毒終極版 Ashes of Time Redux

禮儀師之奏鳴曲 Departures

Playtime 嬉戲時間 ~ 舊片, Jacques Tati

台北異想 Taipei 24H

Away We Go 尋找快樂窩

Sunshine Cleaning 陽光小小姐

Whatever Works

New York I Love You
~ 旅遊時看了, 本月上映, 或會再看

還有在飛機上看的The Hangover!

(未看Sherlock Holmes, 沒有看The Christmas Carol... Avatar, 應該不看了... )

祝大家來年開開心心, 更進一步, 2010更多好電影看!


Kempton said...

Only saw Whatever Works. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it at all.

Would love to see "禮儀師之奏鳴曲" if and when our library gets it.

Thanks to you, I got to see Kazuhiro Soda's Campaign and Mental.

Looks like you don't plan to see Avatar. Well, my better half and I really enjoyed Avatar in IMAX 3D. We had the experiences of stepping into a new and strange world and a decent story. A few of my filmmaking friends love it too.

P.S. Don't know if you (or your readers) enjoy animations, here are two nicely made animation available on YouTube to watch in full,

Pigeon: Impossible

Sebastian's Voodoo

mad dog said...

kempton: i do hesitate about Avatar, will think about it. thanks for the recommendation.

Xavier said...

我都系在飛機睇hangover,I like it very much.胡鬧得黎又夠懸疑,好正。

BTW, Happy 2010 :)

mad dog said...

xavier: 我笑到傻咗. Happy New Year!

Mag Yip said...

mad dog..


mad dog said...

Mag: 多謝哂, 祝你新一年樣樣如意! :)

Coffee said...

Happy new year!

mad dog said...

coffee: haha, great minds think alike! :) Happy New Year!