Sunday, December 13, 2009


終於看了"Synecdoche, New York", 電影中主角Caden Cotard說:

"There are 13 billion people in the world, and they are all leads in their own stories". 在這個有一百三十億人口的世界裡, 我們都是自己故事中的主角, 沒有一個是配角.

對啊, 我們都是自己的主角.

導演Charlie Kaufman是電影"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"的其中一個編劇.

電影中許多對白都令人細味. 不過有人覺得太heavy, 又看得不明不白. Rotten Tomatoes也有影評說"inaccessible and endlessly frustrating", "a difficult, maddening and elusive film that’s also intriguing, profound and darkly funny". 值得一看, 不過睇完頂唔住唔好鬧我. :)


Kempton said...

Thanks for mentioning it. I remember hearing this movie being mentioned last year. I've just put a hold on a library copy. Looks like the DVD special features may be interesting to check out.

P.S. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is one of my favourite movies by Kaufman. By the way, Kaufman wrote the screenplay, the other two people were credited as contributing to the story ideas.

Unknown said...

想看 Philip Seymour Hoffman。

mad dog said...

kempton: some love it some don't.

五師兄: 我都係主要為睇佢入場.

Unknown said...

@MD worth it? If just for that purpose?

mad dog said...

五師兄: hmm, he did a better job in capote and other films.

mad dog said...

五: well, still worth it i think.

gar~* said...

似乎是 "adaptation." 那種自我身份危機, 但又不盡是~ 導演不斷找替身來演自己和身邊人, 上演一齣永遠只有綵排而不會公演的戲劇, 是對藝術家在自傳式作品中抽離地審視(逃避)自身生命的終極諷刺?

劇本仍然很kaufman, 但沒有gondry的鬼馬, spike jonze的離奇, 就顯得沉重累贅一點~

mad dog said...

gar: 講得好. 係呀, 有少少adaption影子, 不過我唔鍾意adaptation.

Kempton said...

Watched the film. Very creative but definitely not something I want to watch again even I know I will appreciate and see more when I watch it again.

The extras on the DVD were nice to watch though.

P.S. First time I heard the line, I thought it was "billion" too but it is thirteen "million".

"I know how to do it now. There are nearly thirteen million people in the world. None of those people is an extra. They're all the leads of their own stories. They have to be given their due. " (see imdb)

mad dog said...

kempton: oh i thought the subtitle was wrong too... there shouldn't be just "thirteen million people" in the world right? it's 十三億 in chinese subtitle as well. 中國都已經有成十億啦right? (oh just checked... world population is 6.803 billion)... then why just 13 million ppl???