Wednesday, December 16, 2009


購自Vole超市. 之前吃過一包Ritter Sport的Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes, 非常好味, 這回見到一小包迷你版朱古力有九片才$28, 放在辦公室作零食.

細看一下, 這些最吸引: (今天下午吃了那片Milk Chocolate with Yogurt Filling, 好味!)
另外也買了這個金莎dark chocolate版, 也不錯:


Tessa said...



mad dog said...

tessa: $28仲幾好味添, 每粒都唔細架其實. 隻眼, 又幾似噃!

Anonymous said...

Have you try Ritter "rum and raisin" before? Very Nice , cornflakes is great as well

mad dog said...

boss: really? u know what, i bought nut and raisin y'day... then found that i took the wrong one when i came home, it's just plain dark chocolate! damn! :(

janice Lo said...

My first encounter with the exact Ritter Chocolate pack is in 2008 March - in Bonn Germany - I can still remember it was only sold for 1 euro!!!!!!

mad dog said...

janice: 1 euro, it's $16 in HK, not much difference :)