Sunday, December 27, 2009


看realsimple介紹9 Classic American Beauty Products, 不如又說說近來最喜歡的兩隻化妝品.

第一隻都是美國品牌, Chantecaille Future Skin oil-free gel foundation(Porcelain color). 數年前用過oil-free gel foundation, 那時都覺得好用, 不過又不至於用完不想再試其他. 這回再試(八月尾時買的), 即管試用新色Porcelain, 本來也怕太白, 不過化妝先生替我試色時也覺可以. 偶然一兩天用回YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation便一見高下了. 另一隻不是美國品牌的, Ettusais Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence. 其實是去美國前, 友人叫我替她買Eye Zone Control時被我發現的新產品. 即管試試. 效果很不錯, 我主要用來補妝時用的, 很貼.



myblahblahblah said...

我覺得 YSL 太白. 有人推介 ipsa, 下次都想試下 chantecaille.

眉筆強烈推介 one day tatto:

mad dog said...

myblahblahblah: YSL有好多隻呀, 唔算白吖. chantecaille都可以好白. :) 多謝推介! 或者其他讀者有用, 我好少用眉筆.

Anonymous said...

I brought chantecaille in vanilla color too though it does not make good coverage (cos I have freckles). But it does make my color tone very even and it can be proofed when you take a picture. So I am satisfied with the product over IPSA and Sofia. Used Cle de peau b4 and it is a very good product and has very good coverage but not very natural.
ISAworkship lip gross (clear) is my favourite product recently as it lasts really long and not sticky.

mad dog said...

anon: thanks for sharing. i need some concealer as well, not just the foundation. :)