Monday, September 14, 2009

An Unwritten Life

看了"The Brothers Bloom", Adrien Brody(Bloom)說: I just want an unwritten life! (a real adventure, one not dreamed up by his older brother)

不過, 其實我們的人生, 又有哪個不是written的呢? 或許是宗教信仰的關係, 對我來說, 我們的一生一早都已寫好了, 都是一本本的劇本.

某程度上, 可能有點悲觀. :)

*電影後感不打算寫了, 不喜歡此片. 有關電影的可看網友coffee的文章.

另外, Christianity Today也有介紹此片.


Kempton said...

"... 我們的一生一早都已寫好了, 都是一本本的劇本."

Seeing the world in such a predestinate manner is sad and a bit tragic indeed.

Heard of the concept of "possible world"?

P.S. "Allow events to change you."

mad dog said...

kempton: well, events are all written as well... sad though. :)

Kempton said...

md: Sad indeed. Since you bought it up, I think your religious views may be locking you up unnecessarily? Or may be you are too "reasonable"?

Here is a George B. Shaw quote that I use as an excuse to be unreasonable,

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

mad dog said...

kempton: can't blame on my religious beliefs, more on my life experience i think.

Kempton said...

md: If it is not religious, then you have a measure of control of whether you do something about it.

"Allow events to change you." First of all, events are not pre-determined. Second, you can change how you react to things.

P.S. Think of it this way, a stranger left you a few random messages about this. Do you change or don't you?

Bruce Mau's "Allow events to change you" suggests the right world view is to change. For Bruce's full list,

We've never met and will likely never meet. Borrowing a friends' words, it is just my brand of poison.

It is your life and your choice.

mad dog said...

kempton: thanks. well, at least most part of our lives are written, i know we can do changes... adjust, and so on. and i took a blogthing test the other day, (a bit surprise at first) the result is: i see the glass half empty. guess i used to see it half full. oh well.