Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Celebrities You Want to Be Trapped Inside an Elevator with You

Facebook上的LivingSocial遊戲, 我揀了:1. Jude Law
2. Noah Wyle
3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
4. Jack Nicholson
5. Woody Allen

又有靚仔, 又有人攪笑, 你話幾開心. :)


Haricot 微豆 said...

But would the other five get along well inside the trapped elevator ??

Woody might go on and on above love and death, Jack might give Woody "The Shining" look, and the other 靚仔 would fight all over you .....

Hmmm, that actually sounds quite entertaining !!

ray chan said...


grumpy said...

Well, I am a "guy", spelled G-U-Y, not g-a-y.

mad dog said...

haricot: hahaha, i dun care whether they get along or what, i WILL get along with THEM! :) i'd pretty enjoy being stuck in the elevator for an hour, as long as there's enough fresh air, and no danger. :P

ray: noah wyle? 其他無醫生噃.

grumpy: and??

Snowdrops said...

I can completely appreciate your first three choices, but I really wouldn't be able to stand the latter two at all, they're just a tad too creepy for my taste! Perhaps I'm being ageist?

For comedians I'd go for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (*swoon*), and replace Noah Wyle with Johnny Depp and that elevator sounds like my kind of heaven :P

Snowdrops said...

Jeez I just realise that four out of the five of my elevator candidates all have first names that are variants of John!

mad dog said...

snowdrops: :) diff ppl diff preference ma.