Wednesday, September 16, 2009

記得前陣子看阿蘇So Good, 節目中有兩位失明人士. 其中一位是先天失明的. 被問到看不見東西有什麼感覺, 那男士說, 對於他從來看不見來說, 那不是怎麼一回事. 倒佩服那後天失明的. 因為他曾經看得見. 得到過再失去才更難令人接受. 兩位都非常令人鼓舞, 因為都很積極人生.

其實人們常常不快樂, 某程度上都因為失去一些東西.

或許人生就是不斷的失這失那. (又來負能量了... ) :P

從未擁有, 便不會明白沒有是什麼一回事. 都是因為曾經得到過, 或即將/預見得到而最終都得不到時, 才令我們不快樂.

近日玩了這個, 原來現在看到的是半空的杯. 唉.


San Wen Ji said...

或許人生就是不斷的失這失那 <-- totally agree...but with positive attitude :)

up3up4 said...


laichungleung said...

I guess they won't interview or air the interview if they don't carry a positive message as intended by the show. People who have health issues and need long term or lifetime medical help have to adjust both mentally and physically, for their own good and for others. It's almost Darwinism, what's the other alternative? Cry all day and make himself and others miserable? Deep down, they know it could be worse. I am sure there are moments of weakness, when even the strongest and healthiest, thinks that there is absolutely no reason to climb out of bed.

Take care.

mad dog said...

san wen ji: trying. :)

up3up4: 絕對認同! 而苦過dd時一定知囉!

LCL: yes, so true. :(

Kempton said...

md: 你的負能量好似多咗D。你的七友同男女老友可以幫手加多D正能量嗎?

mad dog said...

kempton: 丁丁咁啦. :(

Kempton said...

md: 丁丁咁咋?係你太negative,定係D老友水皮?:)

mad dog said...

kempton: :) dunno