Tuesday, September 08, 2009

頭箍 Hairband

長髮想有新意, 有時便要花點心思. 偶然看見街上的長髮美女都喜歡簡簡單單戴個頭箍, 效果可以非常出眾且不太刻意.

頭箍有平有貴, 去H&M找找, $29便有一個不錯的了. 那天路經買了兩個, 不過暫時還未嘗試戴上街.

在網上搜尋一下倒不難找到吸引的hairband style. 看來短髮的效果更特別!
Tasha Double Chain Headband
Eugenia Kim Multi-Strap Headband
Double Braided Headwrap

images from: and Eva's Beauty Blog


lu said...

i like #1, and LOVE #3!

but i won't look good with hairband :(

mad dog said...

lu: have u tried?

Karelian said...
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Karelian said...

I like Tasha Double Chain Headband.
I have tried this style before, not bad ar.. hehe.. :)

lu said...

not the ones in your photos... but i've used hairband before and usually end up looking like a c9 >_<~

mad dog said...

karelian: cool!

lu: ur hair style is different now, maybe no more c9! :)

g said...

me too. look like a c9. can't help.

love the style in 1st photo. Look like a princess. such accessory only looks fine/ brings out the elegant style only when one has the complementing features (ie. good 輪廓, thin straight nose). i've given up coz i know i will never attain it =_=

mad dog said...

g: right, the 1st one is a bit "challenging". :)