Friday, June 20, 2008


下午約了網友lu到Soho吃lunch. 她揀了這間位於伊利近街的Cecconi's意大利餐廳.

原來午飯時段在Soho較易有位子, 且價錢以中環來說, 是非常化算. 餐廳裝潢很不錯, 光線充足, 地方算寬敞.

午餐有2 course及3 course揀, 前者$98, 後者$138, 中環喎, 令人雀躍! 我們都揀了2 course.

我的Pan Seared Salmon, 很不錯:
她要了一個pasta, 名字水蛇春, 什麼G什麼A, 相信都不會記得全名:
我們都揀了Pavlova, 好一個圓滿又令人興奮的午餐! :)


Anonymous said...

So temping! Please take me there when I going to HK next time. haha

lu said...

it's garganelli :P

i had to look it up for the full name as well. it's like penne but thinner, i really like it. the sauce was great, too!

and the pavlova is so good... should go back there some time to try the other dishes. i've caught a glimpse of the pizzas on the next tables, they looked delicious!!

mad dog said...

echo: sure!

lu: garganelli... :) yeah, i'd like to try the brunch as well!

Anonymous said...

wannnnnnna try this restaurant so much...

Is it nice for dinner as well? i mean atmosphere?

mad dog said...

kajie: 晚上氣氛應該都不錯, 食物很好, 看了menu, 晚餐也不算昂貴.

愛美 said...

工作地點太隔竊, 好難食到好的午餐 :(

mad dog said...

愛美: 坐車去遠少少囉唯有.