Monday, October 19, 2009

Whatever Works

前陣子見trailer只覺攪笑, 一見Woody Allen的大名更加知道不可錯過. 好美國, 好Woody Allen, 好好好好笑的一齣.

想笑足92分鐘的話, 要入場啊!

飾演男主角Boris的Larry David(演電視多於電影)根本就是Woody Allen的化身. Woody Allen自己不演反而找個男演員飾演典型Woody Allen角色, 好像不多. 老男遇上年輕女子, 不就是現實中Woody Allen自己的寫照?

這回Woody Allen又返回他的地頭紐約, 說的是地道美國故事. 什麼都談, 什麼都涉足, 又是對白不停, 笑聲連連.

諷刺幽默精闢共冶一爐, 找不到不看的原因. 看時我大聲狂笑了一次, 瘋癲地笑了多次.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I love Woody Allen movies. You are right! 對白不停, 笑聲連連. Doesn't get any better. I just rented "Match Point", haven't watched it yet. Wonder if it's any good.


Anonymous said...

When is it going to be screened in Hong Kong though??

uncleray said...


不是公主 said...

之前睇過woody allen執導0既幾套戲..
都覺得好好睇.. 希望呢套香港又快0的上演啦~

Anonymous said...

it will be shown tomorrow

Kempton said...


Our taste in comedy is so different as I find "Whatever Works" not working for me.

P.S. The last Woody Allen movie I liked was "Match Point".

As for Larry David, I rarely find his Curb Your Enthusiasm funny. Although I did find David's interview with Ricky Gervais quite funny.

mad dog said...

已經上咗喇噃大家! :)

exile: Match Point is among his best in the past few years! a must-see!!!

anon: on already!

uncleray: 上了!

我不是公主: 我一向都好buy佢, 近年更有驚喜, 上咗喇!

anon: i saw it last nite

kempton: i love love love Match Point as well. heard that Whatever Works is not as popular back in US, but the audience was all happy last nite.

BlingBling said...

之前想看﹐ 不過身邊人唔想看﹐ 結果看了500 天。 如我我自己看﹐ 一定選這套。

Kempton said...

md, As long as you had fun, thats the most important thing. For me, I didn't have one laugh for the first 25+ minutes so not a great experience for me.

P.S. Speaking about big name directors. Last month, I saw Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro in the Calgary Film Fest, and it was a movie that I wanted to walk out at many points. I didn't walk out because I wanted to see how it ends. With hindsight, I should have walked out. I had the same feeling with Whatever.

P.S. Also at CIFF, I, surprisingly, quite like the cheesy Taiwan/HK film Miao Miao (2008). At least it is honestly cheesy.

mad dog said...

blingbling: 相信500 Days都係must-see, 我上次病咗買咗飛都去唔到, 希望呢兩日可以睇到.

kempton: well, Whatever Works' first 10 mins is not laughable. the feeling of walk out? wow, not at all...

Snowdrops said...

Sounds like a must-see movie indeed, I'm a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I can completely imagine Larry David playing a Woody Allen character. Must keep an eye out for it when it screens in Dublin!

However, I just saw 500 days last Sat, and must say I'm very disappointed with the movie. We went in expecting it to be zipping with clever dialogue and brilliant acting, but the male lead didn't deliver for me, and the movie is so full of standard romantic cliches, and yet it tries to make out that it's not a stereotypical romantic movie. Oh well. I do like Zooey Deschanel though, she was perfect for the role and all her dresses in the movie are to-die-for :)

mad dog said...

snowdrops: i avoided reading your comment until just now, cos i only saw 500 Days of Summer today! :) yeah... i overestimated the movie too, not as good as i thought, will write a piece too.

uncleray said...


Samantha said...

haha! 拖到最近先睇咗咋...真係超好笑!
的確係好Woody Allen,好後悔拖咗咁耐先睇!