Sunday, October 18, 2009


剛才的blogthings quiz, 有一條:

Imagine you were able to find out one thing about your future. What would you like to learn?
我揀了#2. 未來, 我不太想知道. 或許看到自己未來的樣貌變成怎樣已經非常足夠.


cr said...


Kempton said...

Say I have the power to grand you your wish and you can "看到自己未來的樣貌變成". What can you do about it? Isn't it just for vanity? You may feel happier if you don't care how you look like in the future.

P.S. Since the only item I can do anything about is, "How the world changes on a global scale" I will likely be picking that one.

Echo said...

I chose # 1. So I know I should use my time more efficiently and effectively... And I can also milestones for myself ;-b

3妹 - 袁小DA said...

我選#3,我覺得預知到自己的未來其實是件可怕的事,globally 的事,世上人人有份,共同進退比例好

mad dog said...

cr: 呢個都好 :)

kempton: not happier or what, but at least i can do sth about my skin if i age too fast :)

echo: that i really don't want to know.

三妹: 咦我都係三妹噃 :) 世事自己控制唔到嘛.