Friday, October 09, 2009


看今期Newsweek, Joyce Maynard介紹了四本好書"Best. Books. Ever.":

Time Will Darken It ~ by William Maxwell
~ a quietly profound novel about family and the redemptive power of love
不過看內容介紹, 不太有興趣...

Plainsong ~ by Kent Haruf
~ a book that our president took on vacation with him, but I loved first
連Obama也拿去讀, 好像有點吸引. 不過看完簡介... 未必是我想看的東西...

The Executioner's Song ~ by Norman Mailer
~ a book that reminds me to locate compassion for every single character
wow... 有關死刑的... 有點heavy...

Goodnight Moon ~ by Margaret Wise Brown
~ the best example of how much a writer can say in very few words

唔, 如果度假要你拿本書去看, 你會拿本什麼書?

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