Tuesday, August 11, 2009


話說星期日晚去看"竊聽風雲", 之前在網上訂票. 到達戲院, 取票時職員遞了兩包贈品給我: 一包Ocean Spray dried cranberries... 和一包衛生巾. 立即擲入袋中.

心想, 如果兩個男人去看戲, 他們會不會都送衛生巾?

在twitter上有男網友回應... 去看G.I. Joe都送衛生巾! Wow... 尷尬又攪笑.

想問吓大家, 你近來看什麼片收過什麼禮物??? :)


Ebenezer said...


mad dog said...

ebenezer: 上次書展, 我家姐幫我買書, 都係送M巾添... :)

uncle ray said...


mad dog said...

uncle ray: haha.

Kempton said...

Why do they give it?

Well, may be it is because most ladies' reactions in HK is "立即擲入袋中"? :) Instead of immediately complain about it and refuse to take it?

On a serious note,

1) because no one complains to theatre management or the book sellers at 書展. So the "gift givers" keep it up.

2) because the post-campaign sales data must support the effectiveness of this kind of promo.

3) and because we are talking about it here. And amongst friends, the ladies may even mention the brand names. So if this is not effective word-of-mouth advertising/promo-campaign, I don't know what is.

md: soon you will need to post a "rating" for your blog entries:
"normal", "little embarrassing", "very embarrassing", and "M巾 embarrassing" in the lead-up to the entry. :)

mad dog said...

kempton: i didn't even notice the brand. well, actually, we didn't notice what kind of gifts were those in the first glance.