Tuesday, June 09, 2009



今日唔知咩事, 幾個朋友喺facebook度個status都係歌詞... ; 又好恰巧有人個status寫嘅嘢(唔係歌詞)又好係我今日心情.

另外. 1874, 其實對呢首歌不太認識. 只係今日返工途中最後抵達公司前嘅一首Eason歌...

"情人若 寂寥地 出生在 1874 剛剛早 一百年 一個世紀"

iPod shuffle多幾首歌詞先... 好懶呀呵? (近日發覺好多blog都摺ed, 我會唔會有咁嘅一日?) :)

When Your Mind's Made Up (from "Once" OST)
"When your mind's made up
There's no point trying to change it...
There's no point even talking"

Aubrey (Joanna Wang ~ 翻唱) ~ 好聽架呢首, N年前都聽過...
"And aubrey was her name,
A not so very ordinary girl or name.
But whos to blame?
For a love that wouldnt bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune."

The Remedy (Jason Mraz)
"The remedy is the experience.
This is a dangerous liaison
I say the comedy is that it's serious....
I won't worry my life away."

Cold Shoulder (Adele)
"Time and time again, I play the role of fool
(Just for you)
Even in the daylight when you think that
(I don't see you)"

呢度有個80年代歌詞測驗遊戲, 睇怕我都唔多識, 雖則細個都聽唔少英文歌. 識嘅請舉手!

無咁老? 90年代識喇卦?


lu said...

1874 is one of my favs ;)

c.r said...

mine too. :D

mad dog said...

really? :)

cr said...

yup. only don't quite like the MV. :P

Mugen C said...

"近日發覺好多blog都摺ed" I almost have mine 摺ed too! But as lu said in her comment, I just can't let go! Here I am, still me - Mugen C

aulina said...



聶秀康 said...


mad dog said...

cr: haven't seen the MV tim...

mugen c: 唔好摺呀! 我地點都要繼續落去呀 :)

aulina: 你少聽英文歌咩? 中學時代呢?

聶: 原來我都唔識呀 :)