Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Yorkshire Pudding

周日兒童節, 也是兩個姨母的生日, 和她們吃午餐慶祝. 這天一行六人, 人多可以嚐多點東西, 太好了!

上次只試過三款食物. 這次叫了是日例湯(蘑菇湯), Mesclun salad, Shepherd's Pie, Yorkshire Pudding(牛), 什麼sausage, Fish & Chips, 後來還叫了個羊扒. 食甜只叫了Sticky Toffee Pudding及Apple Crumble.

兩位姨母一個最喜歡那碟Fish & Chips, 另一個最喜歡那碟sausage. 我覺得羊扒很有水準. 這次再吃Sticky Toffee Pudding比上次好吃很多. 姨母很喜歡Apple Crumble, 大讚.

我那杯decaf coffee就不好喝了.

六個人結賬約$1200. 星期日午餐頗熱鬧, 一定要訂位.


Echo said...

This restaurant was one of our lunch options last time!(been a year already!) Tho we went to the other one (what was da name?) which I still remembered the nice Pavlova! Read a book tonight by 蔡澜 and just noticed that Pavlova was actually originated from Australia! Also, Yorkshire Pudding is the name of a famous England bread!

mad dog said...

Echo: yeah :) that one is cecconi's. dunno pavlova is from aus. yes, yorkshire pudding is so well known.

Coffee said...

I was there too! Friday and Sunday:D, I am too addicted to fish and chips!

BTW, cecconi's is my favorite restautant!!I love the pasta and pizza!!

mad dog said...

Coffee: wow two days!!! the fish & chips is really good! i like cecconi's as well :)