Monday, April 12, 2010

Would You Rather?

玩玩遊戲. Would you rather...

1. Which would you rather give up?
Coffee / accessories
(我一向不多accessories, coffee也被迫戒了, 偶然喝喝decaf)

2. Which would you rather be the lucky recipient of this spring:
A free service to come clean, organize, and style your closet / 100 new pairs of shoes
(好難揀, 都係鞋吸引啲)

3. Which would you most want to model for?
The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue / The Victoria's Secret runway show / A Balenciaga ad campaign

Which would you rather give up for five years?
Television (no at-home watching of movies, either!) /All makeup

Which would you rather wake up to find?
$100,000USD that's yours fair and square /All your pores have completely disappeared from view forever

Which would you rather be:
Quite short / quite tall
(外國嘅quite tall真係有成5'9, 我都唔想咁高喇... )

7. Which would you rather never have to do again?
Put on concealer (because your complexion is so even and clear!) / Shave any part of your body (because you're naturally smooth from the neck down)

Which would you rather give up forever and ever?
All beverages besides water / All concealer, foundation and powder
(極慘... 點揀得落手... 算啦, 齋飲水啦)

Which would you rather have for one year?
Superman's powers (x-ray vision, flying, super strength) / Every beauty treatment you've ever wanted for free
#2 (不過#1都好好好吸引)

Would you rather
Get to walk the Oscars red carpet (with professionals styling you) / Get a $10,000 raise

Source: (glamour poll)


Echo said...

5. Ditto!If can have $100,000USD, I'm pretty sure one can made the pores disappeared with that much of $$!

8. '飲水' 好啊。 健康啊!

mad dog said...

Echo: ;) 我都係寧願飲水...