Wednesday, March 10, 2010


友人(大家閨秀)的丈夫剛從馬來西亞回來, 買了手信給我們(係時候要俾啲嘢某啲人睇喇... 人地老公都買手信呀宜家! 邊個去旅行唔買吖喇... haha!), 是馬仔!

味道和本地的有點不同, 不太甜, 較乾身, 很味美! 多謝哂!


D said...

I never tried Malaysian style 馬仔 but HK's black sugat 馬仔 is yummy too. 米通 is another delicious old style chinese food.

mad dog said...

D: oh i love love love 奇華 黑糖馬仔!!! and i love 蛋散 too!

D said...

That's what I mean - 奇華 黑糖馬仔. Whenever I come back to SF, I will get some at the airport.

mad dog said...

D: yup, i love it, sure it's a good souvenir as well!