Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrities who did ballet

聞說Kate Moss為了新電影(短片)而習芭蕾舞. 偶然看看娛樂新聞, 都會發現原來不少女星都曾學習芭蕾舞, 人所共知的有Neve Campbell, Audrey Hepburn, 其他還有:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Penelope Cruz (trained in classical ballet for nine years at the National Conservatory in Madrid) ~ 前陣子也見過她的童年芭蕾舞照片, 不過剛剛找不到
Victoria Beckham
Elizabeth Hurley (wanting to be a dancer... went to ballet boarding school at 12, but soon returned home)
Diane Kruger (studied ballet with the Royal Ballet in London before an injury ended her career)
Natalie Portman (has taken dance lessons since the age of 4)
Nicole Kidman
Sandra Bullock
Claire Danes (started studying modern dance at the age of six ~ 即不是芭蕾舞... )
Amy Adams
Charlize Theron (trained at the Joffery Ballet until she injured her knee and had to stop when she was 19)
Catherine Zeta Jones
Jennifer Garner
Julia Stiles
Christina Applegate
Ashlee SimpsonSource: (also) and