Friday, March 05, 2010


其實奧斯卡候選電影許多還未看, 不過當遊戲, 即管tip吓哪齣會拿什麼獎.

看看候選名單, 我tip:

Best Picture ~ A Serious Man
Actor in a Leading Role ~ Colin Firth
Actor in a Supporting Role ~ Matt Damon
Actress in a Leading Role ~ Sandra Bullock
Actress in a Supporting Role ~ Maggie Gyllenhaal
Animiated Feature Film ~ Up
Art Direction ~ Avatar
Cinematography ~ Inglourious Basterds
Costume Design ~ Bright Star (或The Young Victoria ~ 好茅!)
Directing ~ Inglourious Basterds
Film Editing ~ Avatar
Music ~ Up
Sound Editing ~ Avatar
Sound Mixing ~ The Hurt Locker
Visual Effects ~ Avatar
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) ~ Up in the Air
Writing (Original Screenplay) ~ A Serious Man

其餘的不tip了. 下星期便揭曉!


Kempton said...

Of the top 5 categories, we only agree on
Gyllenhaal (s.actress)

Will see who gets more right. :) May be you can tune one of your monitors to Oscars at work. It can be "work", right? :)

Anonymous said...

Saw this and thought you might enjoy reading it,

mad dog said...

Kempton: yeah, work work. :)

anon: thanks!