Sunday, February 28, 2010

兩周一聚: 完美的一餐(食物/人物)

人物: 父親和我們一起 (父親已逝世十一年了)

食物: 由他選擇他最喜歡的地方及食物


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Kempton said...

11 years, you must still miss your dad very much.

P.S. My maternal-grandma passed away a few years ago due to old age. Her mind was slowly leaving her in the last few years.

To me, my grandma has never left me as she lives in me in the way I think about things and approach life. May be it is the same for your dad and you.

P.P.S. My dreams are too logical, I've never thought of having her with me although I know she would love to hear stories of the things that I've done.

mad dog said...

kempton: yes, we all miss him all the time.

Just Little Something said...

Feeling is the same.

In my case I had a pretty good idea of what she likes, and put together a meal that includes the best of what I had before in my life.

mad dog said...

JLS: thanks for sharing.