Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alain de Botton說: The best way to start a conversation at dinner: "So what was everyone frightened of today?"

友人熟識喜怒無常的我, 在msn上和我打招呼, 會來一句: anything good happened to you today? 或 any nice thing today?






相信大家最怕最討厭的都是電話cold call開場白: 小姐, 我地係... ... 宜家有個優惠...


lu said...

cold calls.. haha ;)

Echo said...

I bought a whole set of Alain De Botton's book few months ago... it's very hard/deep to read...Especially the one talks about philosophy...

mad dog said...

lu: :)

echo: i bought a few of his books, finished two. :)