Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Hands Touch...

近日因為沉迷"Brothers & Sisters"又在youtube上找到一些加了音樂的片段重溫, 發現一首很不錯的歌曲, Kate Bradshaw主唱的"Two Hands Touch".

"When two hands touch, two lives are changed forever. Cuz love flows deeper than we know. I’ve been wondering why we worry about things like this… "

然後想起... 十多年前的一月某天的早上... 你就是那樣, 右手拖著我的左手, 你還說: 唔知可以拖幾耐喇... 三個月? (示意我很快變心?!)

原來真的不只三個月. :)


mrls said...


Anonymous said...

Check out this video on YouTube:

Share this with you, listened before?
May it is to young for u to like it?

Little blue fish

mad dog said...

mrls: yup!

little blue fish: thank you! don't u know i studied film? of course i know orson welles!

Anonymous said...

So have u watched the documentary film Prodigal sons? I only know something about his son after watching the film.
Little blue fish

Little blue fish said...

The song " I know what it is to be young" is played at the end of the movie. Very touching.

mad dog said...

Little Blue Fish: no i haven't seen the docu before, do u like it?

LBF said...

I like documentary movies very much, so I've kept some of the video files and the copy of The anatomy of he'll. Want copies of them?