Wednesday, August 18, 2010


芭蕾用品品牌Gaynor Minden在facebook上有兩個surveys, clothing及shoes, 也來玩玩.

Clothing Survey

TIGHTS: What materials do you prefer and/or what would you like to be available? Microfiber, mesh, seam, no seam, footless, stirrup, etc.

喜歡seam, 也喜歡footless. 都是microfiber較好.

LEOTARDS: How many leotards do you own? Out of those, how many are black? how many in color? what colors? What do you own the most of: Camisole, Tank, Halter, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, other (please describe)?

應該也有十件左右吧... 或更多. 大都是黑色, 也有burgundy及navy blue, dark purple等等. Camisole較多. 沒有long sleeve. 全身一件過也有. 最喜歡Danskin的Piece-Its, 穿在leotard外, 下身充當tights, 加條knitwear shorts, perfect.

WARM-UPS: If you were to buy one piece of warm-up dancewear, what would it be?

Knitwear shorts, 有時也穿legwarmers. Shrugs或arm warmers, 冬天時也有用.

Shoe Survey

For flat shoes or technique slippers: Canvas or Leather? All one material? or combination (ex: canvas and mesh) Split sole or full sole? What do you love about your flat shoes? What do you dislike about your flat shoes or wish you could change?

Canvas, split sole. 最好不穿襪, 腳及腳趾更感覺/觸到地面. 穿得canvas多了, 真的不愛leather flats了.

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