Wednesday, July 29, 2009


兩星期沒有上跳舞課了. 不知道還要停多久. 然後數數手指, 原來跑回去舞室已有五年了! Wow... 怎麼時間那麼快.

小五至中四跳了六年. 之後停了若干年. (然後斷斷續續都有跳兩年左右). 這回的五年, 會否是另一個段落?

小時候的五年, 是很長的日子. 由一個小學生變成中學生. 大人的五年好像沒有那麼長.

這五年我在各方面有多少進步? 起碼在芭蕾舞上的進步沒有小時候的大了... :(

唉, 五年.


uncle ray said...


mad dog said...

uncle ray: 你指表演or what? 表演好耐之前已可以參加, 不過無興趣. :)

Kempton said...

md: "不過無興趣."

Why not participate when you get better and have a chance?

I once read an older and wiser person wrote, we never regret things we did, only those that we didn't do.

P.S. I am sure you performed a lot when you were younger but I think the feeling is very different as you will be performing for yourself and by choice now.

mad dog said...

kempton: 跳舞係俾自己睇, 真係零興趣表演. 我以前有玩過舞台劇, 我諗我比較鍾意上台演戲而唔係上台跳舞. 唔表演跳舞一定唔會係令我後悔嘅事. i am 101% sure. :)