Sunday, July 05, 2009


係咪見我好靜呢? 今日保險界女強人大婚之囍嘛, 忙了大半day. 雖然好晏先開波, 不過都忙忙地架.

一返到屋企, 落完妝我發現忽然起咗好似有五小粒暗瘡囉! 嘩! 破紀錄噃! 咁大壓力呀原來我! :) 真係有少少功成身退嘅感覺.

老闆都話: 嘩, 抵請我地食番餐飯啦! 希望大小姐識做喇! hahaha!

都有少少相可以放上嚟分享吓嘅, 不過聽日先啦, 有啲攰.

有網友話見我近排少寫ballet, 因為前排身體不適, 都skip咗兩星期堂呀. 早排仲買咗新pointe shoes, 縫好絲帶先嚟唔舒服, 幾慘. 好彩今個星期都有力上到兩堂, 幾驚會跳跳吓暈低.

要透透先喇. 玩咗個shape test, 都幾準.

You Are Skilled

You are balanced and competent. You value harmony.

Other people see you as outgoing, hyper, and even a bit overwhelming.

Your ideal romantic relationship is peaceful, romantic, and private.

You do best in tasks that require you to be logical, hard-working, and courageous.


Kempton said...

Sounds like you MC-ed the event really well and had lots of fun. Looking forward to your pix.

Have some good rest. no rush la.

不是公主 said...



mad dog said...

kempton: right! we all did a good job last nite!

我不是公主: 代佢多謝你先! :)

Echo said...

How come ended so early? Lunch banquet?

Echo said...

oh, Got it. It was last night, not today (Sunday).

Sorry, Just saw your reply to kempton.

CC said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mad Dog!

Hope everything goes fine with you!

So happy to know that your best friend just married! You mentioned about your best friend in your blog! GREAT! HAPPY FOREVER!

Please take good care!


聶秀康 said...


mad dog said...

echo: right, it was last nite (Sat).

鄧: 真的? :)

kajie: thanks! haven't seen u for a long time, how r u? :)

聶: 睇吓睇吓都唔知可以post咩相添... :)

Anonymous said...

wow... congrat to your friend!!!

I was helping my sis-in-law's wedding too... have a very busy weekend too... I can feel you tired!!!

mad dog said...

gwenzilla: my friend's wedding was quite simple, we didn't have to arrive at the venue in the morning, not too tired. :)